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Home Remedies For Thrush? These DIY Pessaries Eliminate Yeast Infections Fast

By Lace / May 19, 2018

I know what you’re probably thinking ‘DIY pessaries?! Wtf?’ It’s OK, I wasn’t exactly sold the first time it was suggested I make something to put inside my vagina either. Don’t worry though, once you’re done reading this post you’ll be more at ease with this concept too. Any woman who’s ever experienced vaginal thrush […]


Home remedies for Oral Thrush – How I Healed my Toddlers Oral Thrush Naturally

By Lace / May 7, 2018

When white patches inside the mouth strike it’s often a case of oral thrush. Many mums find themselves confronting this yeast overgrowth in their babies and young children and wonder what to do. All too often folks will automatically default to prescription items like nystatin – a rather yucky tasting antifungal medication – but did […]