Rosita Cod Liver Oil Review – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

By Lace / May 15, 2018
rosita cod liver oil liquid

Product: Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Liquid

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Size: 150ml / 5oz

Price: £35.10 / $49.00

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Welcome to my Rosita cod liver oil review. As some of you may know I’ve been testing this product over the few months. I feel its time to share my experience of Rosita cod liver oil liquid with you guys. So here goes, what’s Rosita all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Product Overview

Rosita cod liver oil is produced from fresh wild sustainable caught cod in the Norwegian fjords. These waters are boasted to be some least polluted in the world. Rosita claims to use ancient extraction techniques and produce the oil on a small scale to ensure the best quality of their raw cod liver oil.

  • From wild cod
  • 100% Raw
  • The only naturally occurring source of vitamin D3
  • Rich in Vitamin A
  • Source of EPA and DHA
  • Extraction by ancient techniques
  • No chemicals, heat or mechanical pressure involved in the extraction


I love succinct ingredients lists, generally the smaller they are the less room for nasties there is. That’s certainly true of Rosita EVCLO and it makes this paragraph one of the shortest in the history of Frugal by Nature. Here’s the ingredients list:100% Raw Cod liver oil and traces of vitamin E and rosemary as antioxidants. That’s it! I told ya the ingredients list was short, just how I like em! Nothing concerning and nothing on my “nope” list. This is good!

Why Take Cod Liver Oil (CLO)?

Cod liver oil (CLO) has been used for centuries and was the stuff of Vikings, it’s a nutrient dense whole food. It’s a fantastic natural source of vitamin A and D and rich in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil is a well-known remedy for rheumatism, aching joints boosts the immune system. Many of us are not getting adequate vitamin D and Omega 3s and they play such vital roles in maintaining health, including:

  • Healthy bones and teeth
  • Immune system – keeping sickness at bay and fighting infections efficiently
  • Hormonal health – essential to every system within our body
  • Cardiovascular – happy heart and circulatory systemcure tooth decay book
  • Neurology health – healthy brain
  • Reproductive health – perfect for a fertility boost and healthy pregnancy

It’s clear why cod liver oil was and still is, such a prized food and with so many benefits it’s definitely something we should all be considering taking regularly to stay on top form. For us, we are using cod liver oil mainly for tooth and bone health to help with remineralise teeth. If you’re interested in tooth health or reversing tooth decay naturally, I recommend checking out the Cure Tooth Decay Book by Ramiel Nagel. It’s rather eye-opening stuff and definitely deserving of a place in any natural health library. The other benefits of cod liver oil are a very welcome bonus.

First Impressions of Rosita EVCLO

So, I took the plunge and purchased a bottle of Rosita cod liver oil liquid myself. Yes, I ummed and ahhed over whether I was nuts to pay almost £40 for a 150ml bottle of cod liver oil BUT I’m glad I did. The fermented cod liver oil I was using just wasn’t acceptable to my kid’s pallets and I don’t blame them. It’s rank! Ugh! Rosita is packaged in a glass Amber bottle to protect the delicate oil from light and has a childproof cap, which I like. The oil has a light yellowish colour and a thin oily consistency. So, the flavour. While Rosita describes it as a mildly fishy flavour and that’s pretty accurate. It’s fishy but not minging. It’s OK if you like to fish, which we do. Rosita EVCLO is a breath of fresh air after the pungent fermented stuff. I firmly believe Fermented cod liver oil belongs in capsules, not on spoons. Want to know more? Check out my review of Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil for all the juicy details.

Our Rosita Experience

Rosita cod liver oil is child friendlyOK, so there was an adjustment period (I think my kids were weary after the fermented CLO experience!) but I’m pleasantly surprised. I give the sproglets 1tsp of Rosita a day and I don’t even need to disguise it in food. My 18-month-old son enjoys taking this on a spoon and licks it clean! Yay! My daughter isn’t so keen but she takes it without fuss, that’s success in my book. For this reason, Rosita gets a big thumbs up from me. I’m happy to have found a natural source of vitamin A and D to give my children a natural health boost. I will purchase this cod liver oil again for sure. To get the most benefit out of Rosita we are eating liberal amounts of grass-fed, pastured, raw dairy for vitamin K2. I kinda wish Rosita would make a 2 in 1 product like Green Pastures Blue Ice FLCO and butter oil blend. That would be amazeballs but hey ho, Rosita EVCLO is still great stuff.

Pros and Cons

rosita cod liver oil ingredients


  • Rosita is packed full of naturally occurring vitamin and minerals
  • Mild flavour
  • No added crap and produced from wild cod from some least polluted waters in the world.
  • Liquid makes giving to children easy
  • Can be easily hidden in smoothies
  • A little goes a long way
  • My children like it!


  • It’s pricey
  • Bottle not ideal for syringe extraction once you’re halfway down
  • Risk of the fish burps!

Try Rosita for Yourself

Ready to take the plunge and try Rosita EVCLO for yourself? I’ve rounded up two great places to purchase this lovely liquid no matter where you are located. For those of you lovelies in the UK, Europe and rest of the world BodyKind is the company I used to purchase Rosita EVCLO and I was pleased with the service. Delivery was fast and the oil was well packaged so I will definitely use BodyKind again in the future. They do ship internationally too.

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In the US or Canada? Then Perfect Supplements is the perfect place to purchase Rosita products as well a huge range of high-quality supplements.

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The bottom line

I like Rosita EVCLO and I would buy it again. I’m especially pleased it’s palatable, even enjoyed by my kiddos. For me, that’s been the biggest plus to this product. The mild fishy taste makes it ideal or oral administration to anyone who cannot or prefers not to take capsules. If you, however, prefer capsules, you’ll not be disappointed, Rosita makes capsules too. Despite the initial gripe over price, it’s worth it in my opinion. There aren’t many raw cod liver oils on the market and Rosita is competitively priced within it for this high-quality oil. I’ve noticed my sons tenancy to develop a runny nose every time the weather changes (often in the UK, I can assure you!) has gone since we started taking cod liver oil. So, the immune system must be feeling the CLO love! The many benefits of CLO make supplementing with cod liver oil very worthwhile indeed. If you’re looking for a quality cod liver oil then I’d recommend you try Rosita for yourself. Remember, when following the tooth decay protocol, to take vitamin K2 in addition to Rosita EVCLO. Prefer a ‘2 in 1’ CLO with high butter oil instead? Check out my Green Pastures Blue Ice review, for the only product on the market offering this blend. I hope this review has helped you on your mission to find the perfect raw cod liver oil and that you’ll soon be basking in the benefits of it. Until next time, stay blessed.

Yours, rich omega 3s,



I’d love to hear your thoughts Rosita EVCLO? Will you be giving Rosita a whirl? Perhaps you already take it, how are you finding it? Shoot me your thoughts and questions below.
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