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By Lace / March 8, 2018

ZIP Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

UPDATED 13.04.18 – PuricomUSA never did answer my additional questions regarding this product. This has changed my personal opinion regarding their level of customer service to not so impressive after all.

UPDATED 04.09.18 – I had an email from PuricomUSA apologizing for the lack of response. After some investigation, it would appear that the response was lost in translation. PuricomUSA assures me that this is rare and non-response to customer inquiries is NOT the norm.

Product: Zero Installation Purifier (ZIP) – The countertop reverse osmosis water filter

Where to buy:

Dimensions and Weight: 14.5 x 9.5 x 16.25 ins. 25lbs

Price: $469.99

Guarantee: 1-year guarantee and warranty PLUS 30-day money back guarantee.


The Zero Installation Purifier (ZIP) uses reverse osmosis to quickly turn regular tap water into clean, healthy, alkaline water at the push of a button. ZIP boasts the ability to remove 99% of contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from tap water in just 10-15 minutes. There’s zero installation required, just plug and play. No mess, no leaks, no plumbers. Sounds good but let’s get to the nitty-gritty and see if ZIP really does what it says on the tin! This review will look at how  ZIP works and what customers say about the product.

How does it work?

Operating ZIP is super easy for the user with just the touch of a button. Fill the bottom container with tap water, place the container, plug in, push the button and ZIP does the rest through its 4 stage filtration system. Approximately 15 minutes ZIP delivers half a gallon of fresh alkaline water into the top container. Both containers are BPA free.

The water goes through 4 stages of filtration to remove just about all the nasties one can dream of including; 99.9% of DDT, 99% of fluoride and 98% of Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead. Check out the full list of stats and substances here. Reverse Osmosis alkaline waterLet’s take a brief look at the four-stage filtering process:

  1. The 5-micron filter removes dirt, rust and other large particles
  2. Next, the activated carbon filter sucks out toxic chemicals and carcinogens e.g. pesticides.
  3. This is where the magic happens. The reverse osmosis membrane separates the elements of the periodic table floating around. This wastewater is left in the bottom chamber of the machine.
  4. Finally, the post filter adds essential minerals’ calcium and magnesium back into the purified water. Clever!


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All this and it doesn’t cost a bomb to run either. If you like to keep running costs low like I do, you’ll be pleased to learn ZIP uses just 24w of energy – less than the average light bulb! Well, that ticks my box for keeping energy costs down. With wattage that low ZIP could easily be run on solar, that’s good news for off-grid folks looking for an alkaline water filter system.

Inexpensive and easy maintenance

So, what’s the deal with maintaining ZIP? Well, it’s super simple and cost effective too. It’s a simple matter of the twisting of the old filters and replacing with the new at a cost of $49.95 a YEAR. Each year the two pre and one post filters need replacing and that’s exactly what you’ll get for under $50. That’s another box for low maintenance costs and simplicity ticked.

But what about the reverse osmosis membrane? That needs replacing less frequently, every 2-4 years. But how does one identify when it’s time for a membrane replacement I hear you ask? To find out, I contacted PuricomUSA to and within 24 hours I had my answer: When filtration time slows down and ZIP starts producing less water – its time to replace the reverse osmosis membrane. Eric advised this is based on US water EPA rates which may differ outside of the USA.

Obtaining filters is simple enough and I particularly like that they offer an opt-in auto-ship program. By opting for auto ship customers automatically receive 3 new (two pre and one post) filters every 12 months. This program means you need never be caught without filters or access to purified water. There’s no pressure to either, manual ordering of replacement filters and membranes can be done via the website in a jiffy.

Top Customer Tip! Allergic to reading manuals like my husband? Here’s a helpful tip from a ZIP owner: once purification is complete chuck out the wastewater (in the bottom chamber) BEFORE refilling and filtering again. This avoids prematurely knackering the filters and membrane.

What do buyers say?

I wanted to find out what buyers of ZIP zip customer feedbackthought of the product and customer service received from PuricomUSA. After scanning approximately 50 ZIP reviews it turns out the average rating for this product is FOUR out of FIVE stars. Overall, the product has positive feedback with the majority of customers happy with their ZIP purchase. So, here’s the low down from buyers of this countertop filter:

The negative stuff

What buyers didn’t like about ZIP: This mainly centred around customers with the misfortune of receiving faulty machines. Customers raised complaints with PuricomUSA and the units were subsequently returned and replaced with working machines. Some customers also mentioned some leakage issues from the bottom chamber and cracked filters. These customers did report receiving replacement parts, while others put the leak down to a design fault and persevered. Personally, I would have contacted PuricomUSA for resolution under the guarantee* or refund if within the 30-day money back guarantee period. That’s what guarantees are for after all!

***UPDATED 12.03.18***

Upon contacting PuricomUSA again with some further questions regarding what other sources of water (if any) could be purified in ZIP –  I’ve had no answers. Disappointing after such a positive first contact.

UPDATED 04.09.18 – I had an email from PuricomUSA apologizing for the lack of response. After some investigation, it would appear that the response was lost in translation. PuricomUSA assures me that this is rare and non-response to customer inquiries is NOT the norm.

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The positive stuff

The main theme I noted from buyers of ZIP is they appreciate the ease of set up/use and quiet function. Customers beam about the clean ‘delicious’ taste of the water and some have even checked the waters Ph and quality. Using a mixture of TDS meters and litmus paper customers confirm ZIP water Ph to be within the advertised range – pH 7-8 -and of a much higher quality than the tap water that went it. Other positive feedback included the noise level of the machine to be low. Overall, customers contacted PuricomUSA were very happy with the level of service received, myself included. My own experience from email contact was pleasant and I had a full response within 24 hours. Eric was very thorough and helpful in his written response.

Pros and cons of ZIP


  • Initial cost
  • Some customers received faulty units/parts
  • A few customers reported leakage


  • No installation. Just plug and play
  • Simple to use and low cost to maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Water tastes great
  • Good customer service and finance available
  • 1-year guarantee and warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The bottom line

In my opinion, the ZIP reverse osmosis countertop water filter scrubs up well and does what it says on the tin. BPA free and energy efficient customers love the ease of use with no installation necessary. With ZIP’s no plumb, portable design it would likely suit small families, couples and single folks who want to reap the benefits of purified alkaline water without the ruckus or expense of running pipework. For bigger families or groups this system may not be a good fit. On occasion, customers have run into problems with their ZIPs it’s reassuring to know replacement parts/machines were received with minimal hassle.

The initial cost needn’t be a barrier either because PuricomUSA offers finance options to allow customers to spread the cost.  On the whole, customers have been very pleased with the level of customer service from PuricomUSA. I personally, received very thorough and friendly email correspondence from Eric.

ZIPs easy and low-cost maintenance make ongoing use very sustainable indeed. With an attractive 30-day money back guarantee PLUS one year guarantee and warranty, what’s not to like? Fancy grabbing a ZIP filter and experiencing it for yourself?


<< Buy the ZIP reverse osmosis countertop water filter here <<


Well, that about wraps things up, for now, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the ZIP Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Water Filter and found it useful. Do share your thoughts with me in the comments. Have you tried ZIP? Do you have a personal review of ZIP or PuricomUSA customer service? Want to request a review of a product? Let me know below!

Yours in reverse osmosis wonderfulness,


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