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By Lace / January 26, 2018
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Looking at starting your own business and considering joining Neals Yard Remedies Organic as an independent consultant? My guess is you want to know more than just the bumf available on the Neal’s Yard official website, you want to read a Neals Yard Remedies review,  personal experience. After all, if you’re going to sign up you want to know you’re not wasting your hard-earned cash. Will becoming a consultant make you money, that is the question? Well, I’ve got inside experience as an active consultant and I’m going to share it with you. In this post you’ll find out what being a consultant for Neals Yard is all about. I’m going to walk you through what is expected, the pros and cons of joining and if you can really make a successful business from selling Neals Yard products.

Neals Yard Remedies – An Overview

Neals Yard Remedies first opened their doors 35 years ago and firmly believe in natural, ethically sourced beauty. Products are made in the UK and many are packaged in blue glass, making them good for repurposing or recycling. When it comes to ingredients there is transparency. Labels clearly state ingredients and even show the percentage of organic ingredients present. This is why I liked the company to begin with.Neals Yard essential oils

The products are well-known and generally sell themselves in my experience and customers tend to be loyal to the brand, myself included. I really enjoy NYR products with essential oils and hand washes among my favorites. They also carry curly girl friendly conditioners for health-conscious curlies, see my roundup of CG clean conditioners here. Ohh, did I mention the bubble bath? NYR do crap free bubble bath and if you are anything like me, you’ll know they are few and far between!

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Do I need experience? What’s expected?

New to direct selling or organic beauty? That’s cool, there no experience is necessary to join although an interest in clean beauty is definitely a plus. After all, if you’re going to sell a product you should probably enjoy them yourself right? A love for the products is a big part of why I joined! There are no targets, no automatic shipping programs and no requirement to keep stock. Although, keeping catalogues and some samples is handy for sharing with potential customers.Neals Yard palm free soap

To keep your consultant status you’ll need to place at least one order a year worth 50pp ( don’t worry about pp right now but it’s approximately £85). Of course, you’ll want to do way more than that if it’s to be a profitable business for you and no doubt you’ll surpass that easily. Orders are placed online through your account, perhaps this process was a bit of a learning curve but if you can use the Internet you’re 3/4 of the way there. Help is at hand if you get stuck, your upline – me, if you join through this link – will help you.


Is Neals Yard family friendly? Is there support?

The beauty of Neals Yard is it can truly fit your life making it family friendly. Choosing your own hours means busy mums, like me, or those who want just a few hours work find Neals Yard a great fit. Plus consultants can take advantage of free training with the opportunity to attend conferences in a variety of locations nationally. With a mixture of online and in-person training, it’s pretty inclusive. There are lots of incentives to make sales but no pressure to do anything you don’t want to. We don’t take prisoners and consultants are free to leave at any time or simply allow your account to lapse. Your upline (potentially, me if you decide to jump on board) will support and encourage you as much or as little as you want. Support is available over the phone, Skype and social media groups where we can ask questions, share ideas and information. I find it to be a really lovely community and rich in knowledge and assistance.

How much money will I make?


The answer to this depends entirely on you. Anyone who tells you you’re guaranteed instant cash or success with Neals Yard or any other direct selling business for that matter, would be lying. If instant cash is what you’re after you need a loan, not a business. As with any business, if it’s going to be successful you have to put in the work. You can sell casually to friends and family for extra cash but to make a good steady income you’ll need to consider expanding your customer base. To increase your earning potential you could consider showcasing your products through:

  • Hosting open a house
  • Pamper parties
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Attending Fairs/Festivals
  • Blog
  • Leveraging social media for online parties
  • Leveraging existing customer bases e.g. if you’re a therapist

Consultants can really get creative here and the sky really is the limit. How much you earn depends entirely on you. Set some goals and go for it! Neals Yard pays commission on time, once a month with no messing about and provide good customer service when you need it.  I see some consultants making product sales in excess of £2000 a month and some as much as £3000 and yes, they are earning 25% of those figures. Admittedly, I am not at that level just yet but we all have to start somewhere. It just goes to show what is achievable with this line of business. You can make a full-time income from Neals Yard and it is a great way to supplement existing income. Feeling inspired? Already have a customer base? Let’s weigh it all up.

Pros and cons


  • Flexible to fit your life/familynew mens moisturiser neals yard
  • Low joining fee (typically £40 – £95 see current joining offers)
  • Generous kit with full-size products and business tools
  • 25% consultant discount
  • 25% commission on all sales
  • No targets or auto shipping
  • No requirement to keep an inventory
  • Free replicated website
  • Free training and support
  • Regular incentives and competitions


  • Not guaranteed income
  • Products can be pricey
  • It’s easy to spend your commission on products! You may have to be strong!
  • Delivery can be long at busy times (use express delivery to speed things up)
  • Ordering system can be difficult, to begin with, but fear not, I’ll help you!

Fancy Joining? I’d love to have you on board.

If you like the sound of Neals Yard Remedies and want to join, I welcome you to join my team. I’ll support you without being pushy but if foot-in-the-ass type coaching is what you prefer, I can do that too. As well as having direct access to me you’ll have Neals Yard team leaders and Consultant Services too. You’ll always have support along the way. You’ll receive a beautiful starter kit with everything you need to get your business started. This is how I joined and I was thrilled with my kit. You’ll find full details of what’s included here.

Ready to take action and start your business?

Yes! Sign me up now!

P. S. You must be in the UK, Ireland, France or Germany to sign up through the above link. Not my rules, I’d have you all if I could!


Neals Yard is a great way to start your own business without huge start-up costs or expensive overheads. With free training and plenty of support from your upline (me, if you sign up through this page!) it’s a pretty good offer for a small joining fee. The kit you’ll receive on joining is extensive and provides everything you need to get started. You’ll be in total control of your hours and your earning potential is unlimited if you are prepared to put the work in. Quite often this business fits nicely alongside existing businesses and provides flexibility to suit anyone with an interest in clean ethical beauty. If this opportunity appeals you and you want to earn 25% of your orders and bag yourself a 25% consultant discount, I’d love to have you on board my team and look forward to welcoming you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of what it’s like being an independent consultant for Neals Yard Remedies and found it useful. If you have any questions about joining pop them below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Yours with blue bottles,



Are you taking action and becoming a Neals Yard Independent Consultant? Do you have personal experience or a question about joining? I welcome your thoughts in the comments.


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