Natural hair gel curly hair will love! An easy DIY hair gel recipe

By Lace / February 13, 2018

Are you craving a natural solution for styling your curly hair? Want a natural hair gel that’s curly girl friendly and doesn’t break the bank? What if I told you needn’t look further than your kitchen cupboard to create the perfect product? Would you be interested to learn more? Well, I recently took the plunge made some natural hair gel curly hair just loves! Flaxseed hair gel is my new favourite styling product. I love it so much I decided to write this post about it to spread the flax seed love.

This article takes a brief look at the benefits of flax seeds and the pros and cons of homemade flax seed gel. You’ll find my favourite recipe and method for making flax seed hair gel – complete with a step by step video. In the event your cupboards are lacking in the things you need, I’ve thrown in links for the supplies you’ll need to get started. Are you ready to discover natural hair gel that’s safe, child-friendly and purse strings approved? Yes? Great, let’s get started.

Flaxseed for your hair – A good match

Styling your hair often involves using some kind of product, be it gel, mousse, wax etc. The problem is these products are often loaded with nasty chemicals which have less than favourable effects on your locks. You may even find these products cause irritation and dryness to the scalp. Flaxseed, on the other hand, is natural, rich in omega 3 fatty acids essential for healthy hair with no hidden nasties. You’ll often hear of curly girls – like me – raving about how awesome homemade flax seed gel is but don’t feel left out if your hair isn’t curly. Wavy hair girls, straight hair girls and even the lads can enjoy flax seed gel. Let’s take a brief look at how else flax seed can benefit your hair:

  • Vitamin E – Flax seeds are packed with Vitamin E for preventing hair and scalp damage while encouraging healthy growth.
  • Balancing – Flaxseed promotes acurly hair balanced PH and oil production in the scalp which encourages growth and reduces hair loss.
  • Conditioning – Got frizz or split ends? Flax seeds lock moisture into the hair shaft. This helps prevent and control hair breakage, dryness, the dreaded fizz and pesky split ends!
  • Nourishing – The Omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds nourishing your hair making it strong and healthy.

As well as applying flax seed directly to the hair it’s a good idea to get in into your diet too. I usually add flax seed to my smoothies and sprinkle on salad to get mine. The leftover flax seed from the hair gel recipe can be reused by simply spreading on a silicone sheet and dehydrating them and bam! You have flax seed crackers! How’s that for frugality and zero waste?

Pros and cons of flax seed gel


  • Softening, moisturising, nourishing
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Drys quickly while sealing in moisture
  • Cost effective – you can reuse natural hair gel curly hair lovesthe flax seed to make another batch
  • Simple to make
  • Natural and non-toxic
  • No flakes or residue
  • Defines curls
  • Great hold
  • Scrunches/combs out easily
  • Suitable for all hair types


There aren’t many cons to using flax seed hair gel, in my opinion, perhaps more slight inconveniences? You decide, here they are;

  • Requires time to make it. (approx 20mins not including cooling time).
  • Flaxseed gel must be kept in the fridge or it’ll spoil in about 2 days.
  • It resembles snot – a fun perk for kids perhaps!?
  • Not ideal for use on dry hair (damp or wet is better).

As a curly, I do my hair in the shower and always forget to grab my gel from downstairs. This is the only time in my life I’ve wanted a tiny fridge in the bathroom. Just for my bottle of gel. Until such time and because I love this gel so much I don’t mind the extra trip downstairs in the morning.

Looking for curly girl approved conditioners? This post lists cg conditioners for the health conscious curly.

Homemade flax seed gel – Natural hair gel curly hair will love!

Here’s the recipe I follow – it’s from Naptutal85 on YouTube. You can check out her step by step video below.



natural gel for curly hair

That’s my reused chilli sauce bottle now housing my hair gel!

  • Add flax seed to the water in a large pan and bring to the boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally to stop flax seed sticking to the pan until it has a gloopy snot-like consistency. Yeah, pretty gross sounding I know and it looks pretty funky too but it works sooooo well!
  • Turn off the heat immediately.
  • Leave for an hour to cool
  • Strain through tights into a jug
  • Transfer to a squeezey bottle
  • Store in the fridge and use as required

The gel will keep for a week or so in the fridge. Without refrigeration, you’re looking at 2 days.

Frugal TiP! Reboil flax seeds to make another batch of gel or spread on silicone paper, dehydrate and voilà! You have crackers! Enjoy!


Check out this step by step video of the above recipe

Summing it all up

Homemade flax seed gel rocks in my opinion. I really love the definition it gives my curls without leaving a flaky or sticky residue. If you’re not put off by its snotty appearance and you have some spare time, flax seed gel is definitely worth a try. You can even get the family involved in making their own natural hair gel with the simple and cost-effective recipe. Follow the video to help you to get a perfect consistency and off you go! My only regret is that I didn’t start using flax seed hair gel sooner. Your curls deserve to be nourished and moisturised and what better way than treating it to natural styling products? If you’re keen to give flax seed hair gel a go, go raid your kitchen now grab your supplies and get making. 

May the Curl Gods bless you always,



Have you tried flax seed gel? Did it work for you? Got a question about flax seed gel or wanna share your experience of homemade gel? Pop your comments below curl friends!

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