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How To DIY Cleaning Products – 3 No Nonsense Home Cleaning Recipes

By Lace / June 7, 2018

Because I clean my home without harsh chemicals, quite often I’m asked ‘how to DIY cleaning products’ and if it’s easy. If you are anything like me, you are busy living life and you don’t want to spend time on lengthy cleaning solutions. I certainly don’t, life is complicated enough without adding time to boring […]


Best dishwasher tablets – Easy homemade tabs for clean dishes everytime!!

By Lace / February 26, 2018

Are you looking for dishwasher solutions without harsh toxic chemicals? How about saving money on dishwasher tablets too!? Sound too good to be true? I can assure you it’s not. In my quest to save money on my weekly shop and further reduce our toxic exposure I’ve discovered the best dishwasher tablets that do exactly […]


Looking for the best natural laundry detergent? It actually grows on trees!

By Lace / November 13, 2017

Every day many of us are unknowingly assaulting our skin by wearing clothes washed with chemical laundry detergent. The question on my lips? What is the best natural laundry detergent, of course? Afterall, our skin happens to be our largest organ and is our first line of defence against bacteria and infection. Our skin protects […]


Are air fresheners are toxic? | An industry trade secret

By Lace / November 1, 2017

Are air fresheners toxic? Surely, not you’d think. After all, these fragrance products are everywhere and we are exposed to them all the time. Plugins, candles and sensor sprays. You know the ones. Usually placed inconspicuously, it sprays when you least expect it scaring the bejesus out of you right before you suffocate in the […]