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Wife, mother and natural health and wellness enthusiast. When I'm not dabbling in natural stuff, I like to eat brie with onion chutney and mull over a good "coincidence" theory. Cooking up a nutritious storm, books with real pages and being barefoot are a few of my favourite things.


Best dishwasher tablets – Easy homemade tabs for clean dishes everytime!!

By Lace / February 26, 2018

Are you looking for dishwasher solutions without harsh toxic chemicals? How about saving money on dishwasher tablets too!? Sound too good to be true? I can assure you it’s not. In my quest to save money on my weekly shop and further reduce our toxic exposure I’ve discovered the best dishwasher tablets that do exactly […]


Scrundies – The Most Comfortable Pants You’ll Ever Wear!

By Lace / February 19, 2018

Finding the perfect pair of knickers is hard. But there’s a type of underwear taking the world of women’s underwear by storm. Scrundies. Not heard of them yet? Let me explain. Scrundies are panties, knickers or as I call them: the world’s most comfortable pants! Handmade by small businesses these pants rock! They don’t unravel […]


Natural hair gel curly hair will love! An easy DIY hair gel recipe

By Lace / February 13, 2018

Are you craving a natural solution for styling your curly hair? Want a natural hair gel that’s curly girl friendly and doesn’t break the bank? What if I told you needn’t look further than your kitchen cupboard to create the perfect product? Would you be interested to learn more? Well, I recently took the plunge […]


Curly Girl Hair Products – CG Conditioners For Health Conscious Curlies

By Lace / February 6, 2018

  **** UPDATED July 2018 – Neals Yard Remedies Summer SALE NOW ON! Rose and Orange CG FRIENDLY conditioners only £8.05 while stocks last! Order through this page and enjoy FREE UK DELIVERY, 48 Hours ONLY! Delivery charge of £4 will apply thereafter. Grab a bargain! ****   So, you’ve entered the world of the curly […]


Cloth Menstrual Pads – Getting Started With Cloth

By Lace / January 20, 2018

Cloth menstrual pads. Mama cloth. Washable pads. Yes, they are exactly what they say on the tin. Washable sanitary pads. Wear, wash, reuse. Simple. This concept has been known to make some people cringe but there’s a growing number of women discovering the joy of cloth and I am one of them. Washable pads are […]


Get Rid Of Period Pains – Why I Ditched Disposable Sanitary Products

By Lace / January 3, 2018

Let me guess, you’re fed up of period cramps. You’ve tried the usual remedies to get rid of period pains like paracetamol and hot water bottles with little or no success. Now it’s time to try something a little outside of the box and I have just the thing. My own search led me to […]


Big Berkey Water Filter Review | Good Buy or Rip Off?

By Lace / December 12, 2017

Big Berkey Water Filter Review If you are considering purchasing a Big Berkey water filter you’ll no doubt want to gather information from a real person – like me – to gauge if it’s worth the price tag before parting with your hard-earned cash.  That’s how I roll.  Having used this product myself for a […]

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