7 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Verrucas Fast! A Simple Effective Home Remedy

By Lace / March 21, 2018
Get rid of verrucas

Last week at soft play my friend and I got onto the subject of verrucas. Nice. Specifically, how to get rid of verrucas for good. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this conversation either so I thought I’d write this post on how I healed my daughter’s verrucas for good using an age-old home remedy. This method worked so well I recommend it to everyone who asks me how to get rid of verrucas. Whether you a natural soul like me, preferring to avoid big pharma or just aren’t feeling a painful freeze treatment this method could be for you. Even deep stubborn verrucas can succumb using one simple ingredient from your kitchen cupboard. Up for the challenge? Great! But first…

What exactly are verrucas?

Other than annoying and potentially painful a verruca is essentially a wart that appears on the soles of the feet. These unsightly little buggers are quite common and are put down to HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and appear flat with a black dot in the middle. Verrucas are easily spread from foot to foot by close contact, sharing towels and barefoot walking, especially in wet places eg swimming pools. The best way to prevent spreading them is to cover up with a plaster at pools and wearing clean socks when shoes are not required.

The mainstream treatments are creams or freezing. Creams often require ongoing applications over a number of weeks or months and are known for their limited success rates. Freezing, on the other hand, can be quite painful and doesn’t always work the first time. Not to mention the loooong waiting times for doctors appointments. You can save yourself all this hooha and treat your verruca at home first using items from your kitchen cupboards and DIY box!

Raw apple cider vinegar – A home remedy for verrucas

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known home remedy for warts like verrucas. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar causes the verruca to turn black and peel away from the skin. Unfortunately, there’s little scientific research on this but that doesn’t mean it does not work. It does! It’s vital to use a good quality RAW apple cider vinegar for best results to ensure no extra crap is being introduced to the area. Cheap apple cider vinegar is often inferior quality which can interfere with the effectiveness of this treatment.

Warning ⚠ Apple cider vinegar is potent. Some pain and/or burning sensation is normal. If your pain is severe use your noggin and rinses the ACV off. DO NOT use ACV on broken skin, it hurts like a bitch!

ACV can cause redness on the healthy skin to prevent this you can use a barrier – not Vaseline the popular oil industry waste product marketed as skincare. Ugh. If you don’t have a suitable barrier and want one fast, try this 3 ingredients, DIY ‘vaseline’  (I call it ‘Natraline’) from Jenniraincloud‘s blog. Not a petrochemical insight, just a nourishing natural barrier cream as it should be. Here’s Jenni’s recipe:

Quick ‘Natraline’ Barrier Cream 



  • Combine ingredients in a double boiler on medium heat
  • Melt it all down
  • Pour into a suitable container
  • When it’s almost set mix it up until it’s a Vaseline consistency
  • Seal and store in a cool, dry place. Job done

Armed with this barrier cream you’re ready to go ahead and banish that verruca. So what’s the method?

7 simple steps to get rid of verrucas using ACV

My daughter had a mahoosive verruca on the inside of her big toe and it had started to spread to the neighbouring toe. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take photos at the time but it was pretty gross so, consider yourself fortunate that you won’t have to cast your beautiful eyes upon it! Armed with these supplies here what we did:


raw organic apple cider vinegar

My well loved 5ltrs of Biona ACV

*ACV can be diluted with water to reduce its potency which can reduce the burning sensation. This is recommended especially for children. Dilute 2 part ACV to 1 parts filtered water.


  • Wash hands!
  • Soak the cotton wool in the apple cider vinegar/solution, wring out so it’s wet but not dripping.
  • Position the soaked cotton wool over the verruca and secure with duct tape. This can be fiddly!
  • Cover with a sock and leave the dressing in place all day and overnight (changing sock as required!)
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Change the cotton wool and tape daily and repeat these steps until…
  • The verruca falls off. Yay!

You’ll want to give your feet some love after this treatment. The now verruca free area may look shrivelled may have some peeling skin. Don’t worry, it’s normal after being wrapped in a liquid environment for so long.

The healing process

In our case, it took 10 days for the largest one to fall off with the smaller ones falling off in 4 -7 days with constant covering. Mainstream treatments are known to take weeks, even months to work if they do at all. Results may, of course, differ for you, I am simply sharing my experience. We did try only covering at night, to begin with, poor results, there was barely any change in the verrucas. For this reason, I recommend leaving the dressing in place changing morning and night.Get rid of verrucas

The skin on the toe did look shrivelled as if it’s been in the bath too long and the verruca site left a small crater (ok, maybe not a crater but a small hole), while the smaller ones left no real trace. The largest verruca was quite deep under the skin so the remaining hole healed quickly with good general cleanliness and hygiene (and perhaps a salt bath or two for good measure). Looking at my daughters feet now you’d never know she’d had verrucas. They’ve never returned either!

And we waved verrucas goodbye!

Since using this simple method to tackle verrucas they’ve never returned. Apple cider vinegar has certainly shown just how it effective it can be at getting rid of verrucas for good. Remember, ACV is potent stuff so do consider using a barrier or DIY ‘Natraline’ to protect the surrounding skin and to dilute as necessary. Although, results will differ and there’s no guarantee it’ll work for everyone I’d say it’s absolutely worth a go. It’s likely you already have the necessary supplies at home already. If you don’t they’re easy to get hold of and I’ve linked to everything in the recipe(s) to help you along. I know what I’ll be doing to banish verrucas should we ever experience them again!

Yours with lots of ACV love,



Have you tried this method and had success? Tell me your story! If you’ve used apple cider vinegar to remove a verruca or other wart or have any other thoughts or questions, let me know in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers and look forward to chatting with you.





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