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Rosita Cod Liver Oil Review – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

By Lace / May 15, 2018

Product: Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Liquid Where to buy? or Size: 150ml / 5oz Price: £35.10 / $49.00 My Rating: 5/5 stars Welcome to my Rosita cod liver oil review. As some of you may know I’ve been testing this product over the few months. I feel its time to share […]


Benefits of Magnesium Oil spray – 6 Reasons to Keep a Bottle Handy

By Lace / December 4, 2017

One of my favourite topics at the moment is magnesium. Honestly, I’m amazed by the benefits of magnesium oil spray and have been sharing it with anyone who’ll listen. After stumbling across this mighty mineral it’s been something that comes up in conversation time and time again. The benefits of magnesium are so diverse yet seemingly […]


Brush your teeth without fluoride | Natural DIY toothpaste recipe

By Lace / November 27, 2017

I know, fluoride is required for healthy teeth, right? You should brush your teeth with a ‘good’ fluoride toothpaste twice a day they say. Well, not me. I threw out my toothpaste some years ago after fluoride made it to my ‘nope’ list. Never bought or used it since. Swapping the tube for an empty […]


Natural Remedies for a Cold – Staying Healthy This Winter

By Lace / November 5, 2017

With the arrival of crisp winter mornings and long dark nights, it’s that time of the year. Winter. Colds and runny noses seemingly go hand in hand with colder weather. Well, not anymore. Rather than stockpile Lemsip, we stock up on natural remedies for a cold. We have an ample stash of herbal teas and […]