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Rosita Cod Liver Oil – Is It Worth The Price Tag?


Rosita Cod Liver Oil Review – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Not all cod liver oil (CLO) is made equal. When it comes to cod liver oil, it pays to know what you're buying. Smart, health conscious shoppers like you look for reviews before buying. After all, you want to know if Rosita cod liver oil is worth the price tag, right? This review takes the hard work out of cod liver oil shopping.  I've been testing Rosita cod liver oil (for 3 years now) and the results are in!


The Problem with Cheap Cod Liver Oil

cheap cod liver oil sucks

Lots of folks ask me why on earth one would pay almost 40 quid for a bottle of cod liver oil. Why not just go to the local health store and grab some CLO or "Fish Oil" capsules for under a tenner? Firstly, if enhancing health is truly the goal, why on earth would you want to sabotage that goal by using inferior products?? I'll not let you set yourself up for failure, you deserve success.

The problem with cheap fish oil/cod liver oil is two fold. The first being it's not actually from cod. And two, generally, it's derived from farmed fish. What?! Say it ain't so! Sorry, tis true.

Rarely disclosed are the origin and species of these so called fish oils/CLOs. It very likely isn't cod either. Eeek. Often, intensively farmed fish are used to create cheap cod liver oil products. As a result, you get mysterious farmed (i.e. unhealthy) fish oil capsules. 

Still not convinced? Let's take it a step further. Say you are not bothered by intensive farming of mystery fish. Let's look at the processing.

Cheap and cheerful CLOs are heavily processed. Heat and mechanical compression ensures nothing good remains in the finished product. Consequently, SYNTHETIC vitamins added back into the oil after processing. That's what the that cheap bottle fails to tell you. Yes, it contains vitamins and minerals. The problem is: they're fake.

Over-processed "cod"liver and fish oil with added fake vitamins. These will never benefit you the way natural cod liver oil can. Fact. 


  • Cheap cod liver oil is heavily processed 
  • Contain synthetic vitamins
  • Devoid of real nutrients
  • Not necessarily cod
  • From farmed sources
  • Poor quality

Product Overview:

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Liquid

Where to buy? or

Size: 150ml / 5oz

Suggested Serving: ADULTS: 1 teaspoon daily or as needed, with food.

Price: £35.10 / $49.00

My Rating:

rosita cod liver oil review

100% Raw Cod liver oil. Naturally rich in vitamin A & D3, EPA and DHA. Trace amounts of vitamin E and rosemary antioxidants for freshness.

Rosita cod liver oil is produced from fresh wild caught cod from sustainable sources in the Norwegian fjords, boasted to be some least polluted waters in the world. Rosita claim to use ancient extraction techniques producing the oil on a small scale.  Such techniques combine with Rosita's batch testing ensure best quality cod liver oil. 

Additional Serving Suggestions:

Suggested serving according to Rosita for children, pregnant and nursing mothers: Children and sensitive folk: Start with 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 teaspoon with food. Increase as necessary.

Infants: 2-3 drops daily as needed. Drops may be administered by spoon or by dropper prior to feeding.

Pregnant and nursing mothers: Do not exceed more than 1⁄4 teaspoon daily. Take as needed with food.


  • From wild sustainable cod
  • 100% raw
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally occurring source of vitamin D3
  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Source of EPA & DHA
  • Extraction by ancient techniques
  • Minimal processing
  • No chemicals, heat or mechanical pressure
  • No fillers or rubbish

How Did Rosita Cod Liver Oil Check Out?

After, umming and ahhing over whether I was nuts to pay almost £40 for a 150ml bottle of cod liver oil. I took the plunge. Knowing what I do about cod liver and fish oil, I figured it'd be worth it.

My Rosita CLO arrived promptly from Bodykind. Amber glass protects this delicate oil from the light, keeping it fresh. Whilst the childproof cap protects it from the kids. The oil is a light yellowish colour with a thin oil consistency.

Rosita describe the flavor as mildly fishy and I agree. It smells like a fishing boat and tastes like fresh raw fish. Fish and sushi fans, you'll get with this liquid just fine. If you dislike fish, you'll probably hate it - in which case you need these Rosita softgels instead 🙂

Our Rosita CLO has stored just fine for about 3 months in the fridge. The cold causes it to become cloudy but that is perfectly normal. A gentle shake sorts it's out.

Where children are concerned, my son loves it after a few tries. If your children refuse try rubbing Rosita gently into their skin at night to give them CLO's benefits. Sure, rubbing it into the skin makes you smell like cod and chips but it absorbed. By morning the fishy scent has gone. Transdermal use like this bypasses the gut entirely, avoiding digestive or absorption issues. Cod liver oil via the skin has direct access to the bloodstream.

You could probably mix Rosita liquid with food but I'll be honest, we didn't try this. Fishy smoothies just didn't appeal. We have kept cold, flu and illness largely at bay during the winter months since adding Rosita to our diet. Our immune systems are clearly loving Rosita cod liver oil.


  • Mild fishy flavor & scent
  • Fresh & long lasting in fridge
  • Suitable for oral & transdermal use
  • Can be mixed with food
  • Helps to keep cold, flu & illness at bay

Pros and Cons

Customer feedback on blue ice fermented cod liver oil

Rosita high quality Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil doesn't have many competitors on the market.  Green Pastures, is one such competitor which I have also reviewed over here. Let's weigh up the pros and cons of Rosita cod liver oil to help you get a balanced view.



  • Packed full of naturally occurring vitamin and minerals
  • 100% raw 
  • Wild, sustainable Norwegian cod
  • Natural source of vitamin A & D
  • No Added Crap 
  • Batch tested
  • Minimal processing with no heat
  • Mild flavor
  • Easy for children to take
  • Can mix with food
  • Can be applied to skin for same benefits
  • Long lasting in fridge


  • Bottle not ideal for syringe extraction (spoon works best)
  • Pricey

The Verdict

I love Rosita cod liver oil and I would buy it again. In fact, it's become a staple (I'm on my 4th bottle!). What I really like is this cod liver oil comes from actual cod. Good old Norwegian, wild caught sustainable cod from clean, unpolluted waters. And it's 100% RAW. No mysterious fish, farmed somewhere.

Rosita assure us their processing of their extra virgin CLO is minimal.  No heat or mechanical pressure means the natural goodness remains in the oil. Subsequently, there's no adding synthetic shite afterwards. Plus, Rosita's is independently batch testing of their cod liver oil ensures the product is up to scratch. This is what makes Rosita special. It's proper.  Produced in such a way it's genuinely beneficial to health. Something that is rare these days.

Many prefer Rosita over fermented cod liver oil (I am one of them!), Because the flavor is mild. Whereas fermented CLO is positively quite disgusting. Check out my Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil review for deets. The fresh smell of Rosita assures us tis cod liver oil is RAW. Thus brimming with all the natural goodness cod liver oil is intended to have.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is: Do not waste your money on poor quality with zero benefit. Rosita may be a little pricey but you are getting for the excellent quality, nutrient dense cod liver oil in return. Very few other companies are producing such magnificent cod liver oil.  That right there is what makes Rosita worth it's price tag. 

So, if quality cod liver oil is what you desire, I'd highly recommend you try Rosita for yourself. I hope this review has helped you on your mission to find the perfect cod liver oil. And that you'll soon be basking in the benefits of this liquid gold.

Yours, rich omega 3s,


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Are you a cod liver oil user? Will you be switching to Roista? I'd love to hear your thoughts Rosita EVCLO?

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This blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). I only recommend products/services I truly believe in and use myself.


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  • Lace,

    Thank you for your article. I currently use the green pastures fermenteded mint clo for my kids and they gag when taking it so I’m looking for a better clo, not to mention some of the bad things I’ve been reading about gp.
    I have a few questions.
    1. In your article you mention k2 vitamin. Are you suggesting that kids should take an additional k2 supplement while taking Rosita clo?
    2. Are there any concerns with dosage for a 2.5yo and a 7yo when it comes to vitamin a overdosing ?
    3. What are the dosage suggestions for 2.5 and 7yo?

    Thank you,

    • Hey Roy,

      Thanks for stopping by and asking some great questions. I too went down the Green Pasture route but after further digging, like you, I’m not happy with the findings. GP fermented clo has the gagging affect on many, my children too! In answer to your questions:
      1. Taking k2 depends on what you hope to get out of taking clo. Why are you using it? For tooth remineralising or general health?
      2.Are your children also eating lots of liver or other vitamin A rich foods? Balance is important with vitamin A and D is important, rosita EVCLO contains both naturally. Unless your kiddos are having a lot of vitamin A in other sources they should be fine with taking clo. Aka ask your health care provider if in doubt. Sticking to the dosage advice below is a good idea.
      3.Rosita recommend starting at 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon for children and 3-5 drops for infants adjusting as required. If they don’t like the taste, rub it into their skin to get the benefits.

      I hope that helps you Roy, let me know if I can help you with anything else,


  • Great review on Rosita cod liver oil, I’m going to have to try this one out. I’ve tried many in the past, but couldn’t gag them down! My grandma always gave it to her kids when they got sick. I’m glad it’s suitable for children also. 🙂

    • If you’ve struggled to chug cod liver oil down in the past you may be pleasantly surprised by Rosita. You could always opt for Rosita capsules and avoid the taste.

      Ah, grandma knows best. It’s great stuff for growing kiddos and to 100 and beyond!

  • Very interesting! This is my first time hearing of Rosita Cod Oil. Rosita Cod Oil has some really good health benefits. I am going to most definetly look into this and share this with my mother.Right now, my mother takes some kind of fish vitamins from the Rite Aid Pharmacy. I don’t know if the two relate but I think she is going to find this interesting. I saw in the article where you mentioned your kids like it. Is this oil for kids as well? If so, how old do the kids have to be to take this oil?

    • Hey Courtney, thanks for getting in touch with awesome questions. I’m not familiar with Rite Aid Pharmacy, definitely worth investigating how they produce their fish oil and what from. Hope you mother enjoys the article, it’d be great to have feedback if she switches to Rosita. 

      Yes Rosita is suitable for children. They can have 1/4tsp – 1tsp daily, I wouldn’t give to a baby until they were having solids, so definitely no younger than 6 months old. Hope that helps 🙂 

  • I have been aware that fish oil can be a very important supplement for people. I did have a question. Is there a difference between what type of fish oil you decide to buy.

    For example, I saw at Wal-Mart a big bottle of fish oil while perusing. It had a price tag of $12. How do I know for sure that I am getting the right type? Also, do they use different types of fish and are some better than others?

    • Hey Ernest, great questions! There are major differences between fish oils on the market. The majority are heavily processed with heat which destroys the properties of the oil and synthetic vitamins are added afterwards. This makes the oil pretty useless in terms of health benefits. You want to get cod or skate liver oil (post on that coming soon) ‘marine oil’ could be anything. The key is to look for raw, with naturally occurring vitamins. I’ll add this information to the post. 

  • Well if your kids enjoyed it then I’m sure I will too! Sounds like a great oil and packs a punch too. I’ll think about giving it a go:) Thankyou!

    • Hi there,

      Rosita advises one teaspoon a day and that’s how we take it. So, a little goes a long way which balances out the price I think.

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