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Perfect MCT Oil Review: Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

Are you looking for a quality MCT Oil  to add to your diet? With so many MCT Oils on the market it can overwhelming, not to mention finding an MCT Oil that's organic, not filled with palm oil, fillers and other icky ingredients.  Sometimes finding quality supplements seems to be more stress than it's worth. I know, I am always pouring over ingredients lists and it's been no different on my search for a sound MCT Oil. And I have found it - Perfect MCT Oil by Perfect Supplements. 

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, they are fatty acids essential to human health and found most abundantly in breast milk. I wrote a post in length about the health benefits of MCTs, so I won't go into too much detail but generally speaking these fatty acids are a natural way to enhance brain function, increase energy and stamina and promote weight loss. Intrigued? Discover 5 health benefits of MCT Oil and get the low down on possible side effects.

So, what's this Perfect MCT Oil all about then? Well, Perfect Supplements spent 18 months creating their Perfect MCT Oil and it's not long been on the market. The team very kindly sent me a bottle for review and I've been experimenting with it a few weeks now. This post documents my experience with it as we find out if Perfect MCT Oil is all it's cracked up to be. No detail left out not even the side effects, it's all in there. So, let's get into that juicy Perfect MCT Oil product review. 

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Perfect MCT Oil

mct oil review

Product: Perfect MCT Oil, 30 fl Oz/887ml 

Serving Suggestion: 1 tbsp Daily

Where to Buy: Perfect Supplements

Price: $31.95 USD / approx £25

Where Do They Ship? Worldwide. Free shipping on US domestic orders over $99 

Guarantee:  60 Day 100% Money Back

My Rating:

Product Overview

Perfect Supplements say their MCT Oil is the purest on the plane(t). It made from ONE ingredient : sustainable, 100% organic coconuts and contains C8 and C10 MCTs. NOTHING else! No palm oil or manky fillers, yay! It's suitable for vegans, gluten free, soy free, paleo and keto diets and almost everything in between. 

My Perfect MCT Oil arrived from the States rapido and survived the journey thanks to thoughtful packaging. The bottle is pretty large and made with BPA free recyclable plastic - nice - and sealed with a handy flip top cap. The labelling suggests using the oil for cooking, in smoothies, salad dressing at 1 tablespoon daily. Simple enough.

Upon closer inspection, I found the oil to be of medium viscosity, odourless and tasteless, much to my delight and expectation. Definitely, no risk of coconut flavored fry ups then, awesome. Perfect MCT Oil isn't as oily in texture as olive oil or regular coconut oil, for example, so, all ya'll gaggers out there (shout out to my hubby here) should find it easier on the gag reflex. 


  • Made from ONE ingredient
  • 100% Organic Coconuts from sustainable sources, nothing else!
  • Suitable for Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free diets
  • Large BPA Free, Recyclable Bottle
  • Tasteless and Odourless
  • Great in Smoothies, Salad Dressings and Cooking
  • Texture isn't too oily, great for gaggers! 
  • 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Diary of a MCT Oil Newbie

mct oil review

That's my MCT selfie! 

DAY 1: First off, I fried off some veggies for my bone broth in MCT oil. It heated quickly and coated the veggies without leaving any greasy texture. The bone broth was absolutely ace and no one could tell I'd put MCT Oil in it. I've continued to cook with MCT Oil including meat and even fried my plantain in it. Love plantain! Absolute perfection on the plantain with no overly greasy texture left behind, banging. I love that there's no guilt either from using MCT Oil either, every mouthful food is just healthy pleasure. No noticeable effects positive or negative. 

DAY 2: Me being me, I upped my dose today. I added about a tablespoon to the morning smoothie and shared a little with my daughter. I asked her what ingredients she could taste in it. Bananas, unpasteurised milk, maple syrup etc but she did not detect MCT Oil. She finished her cup and proclaimed the smoothie 'YIUMMY!!'. So that ticks the box for hiding MCTs in smoothies and gaining kiddo approval.
The MCTs combined easily with the smoothie and gave no oily taste or texture. I have notice a sharp increase in my mental clarity after that smoothie though. My mood is lifted too and I feel rather upbeat today. Hm, I like this stuff. I want more. 
I continued to take about a tablespoon in a smoothie for a few more days and listened to my body. It didn't take long for it to communicate with me either. 


  • Great for cooking and shallow frying
  • Undetectable in smoothies
  • Kiddo Approved (small dose) 
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Sharpened Focus 
  • Enhanced Mood and Energy Levels

Day 3, 4 and 5 - Side Effects Kick In!

mct oil side effects

Day 3: Another tablespoon, another MCT Oil infused smoothie. I felt that shift in brain power and mood almost instantly again this morning. I felt fantastic! Interesting considering I'm usually a little irritable this time of the month. If you know what I mean?! Tonight however I noticed a fluttering in my chest. Weird. Oh Body? I am listening to ya. Talk to me.

Day 4: Morning smoothie went down well as usual. The mental shift is present again but that fluttering in my chest is lingering. Tonight I feel a lot of anxiety. It's awful, that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. I've not felt for years. I don't like it.

Day 5:My body has spoken. This morning I woke up with anxiety. I'm unable to shake the feeling and my heart keeps racing. I felt a bit panicky this morning, sooooo out of character for me. I decided not to take any MCT Oil today. In fact, I need this feeling to pass, it's making me feel sick and on edge all the time. Calling it quits for now. 

3 days passed with no MCTs before I felt my usual self again. It wasn't until a full 5 days later I reintroduced MCT Oil. I think I'd taken too much too soon, clearly I'm not as hardcore as I thought! I was back to just cooking with it.


  • Continued increase mental clarity and focus
  • Mood boosting effects
  • Larger dose seeming to induce heart palpitations and anxiety
  • Symptoms disappeared 3 days after ceasing MCT Oil consumption
  • Resuming smaller doses caused no adverse effects
  • I am loving MCT Oil in smaller doses which means it lasts even longer!

The Verdict + Pros and Cons


First things first, lets debrief on the side effects of MCT Oil. These type of reactions are not exclusive to any particular brand of MCT Oil but the nature of oil itself. On higher doses of MCTs, heart palpitations and anxiety are seemingly common side effects of supplementing with MCTs in general (See my post on MCT Oil health benefits and side effects here for more details!).  Although the side effects for me at higher doses were rather unpleasant, it hasn't put me off the stuff. I like it and feel it has some awesome health benefits to offer. I am back to cooking with my Perfect MCT Oil, I figure this will provide me with all the benefits, and am enjoying it without side effects. The key is to minimising your risk of side effects is to find balance and build that tolerance slowly - as I have learnt! 

The most notable benefits of taking Perfect MCT Oil was the almost instant brain boosting effects. I felt quite fantastic after that first MCT smoothie, it was easy on the tummy and undetectable in food. My brain fog melted away, my mind felt sharp and my mood was positively impacted as a result. Jolly feelings were in abundance despite the time of the month! So, It would seem that that health benefit claims of MCT Oil are true, it DOES provide instant sustainable energy to the brain and body.  I'd recommend Perfect MCT Oil as a natural way to increase energy, focus, clarity of mind and mental well-being.


Pros of Perfect MCT Oil

  • ONE ingredient: 100% Organic Coconuts! NOTHING else!
  • Minimal oily texture
  • Great in cooking
  • Combines well in smoothies
  • Easy  on the stomach
  • Almost instantly enhanced brain function
  • Cleared brain fog
  • Boosted mental clarity and focus
  • Increased stamina and energy levels
  • Uplifted, enhanced mood
  • Kiddo approved (small doses please!)
  • A little goes a long way

Cons of Perfect MCT Oil

  • None but beware of side effects of MCT Oil in general
  • Side effects I experienced from larger doses included:
  • Heart palpitations
  • Anxiety 
  • May not be suitable for those with anxiety disorders

Final Thoughts

My experience with Perfect MCT Oil has been eye opening and full of twists and turns to say the least! It certainly lives up to it's name "Perfect" MCT Oil because it contains ONE ingredient: 100% organic coconuts from sustainable sources. No fillers, no palm oil, no mank, packaged in a huge BPA Free recyclable bottle. I love small ingredients lists and this is about as small as they get. Nothing on my nope list here and that's what I like.

Perfect MTC Oil makes a great alternative to other oils such as Olive Oil and is easier on the gag reflex than regular coconut oil and doesn't taint the favour of food. The main drawback to this product is that same as any MCT Oil out there - ​the side effects which I wrote about here. To minimise the chance of experiencing a racing thump thump, anxiety and digestive disturbances, I recommend you start small and go slow. MCT Oil is potent stuff and my experience has certainly shown me that! Approach with caution if you have existing anxiety or panic disorders and use ones common sense.

 The bottom line is I found Perfect MCT Oil to be pretty perfect indeed and I will continue to use it as a regular part of my diet. In small doses. I feel it has lots of health benefits to offer and is so easy to add it to your usual diet, take MCT Oil is no effort at all.  Plus, I am particularly enjoying being brain fog free for doing so. I would encourage you to try Perfect MCT Oil for yourself and I hope it serves you as well as it does me. Remember, Perfect Supplements back all their products with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee so there's no risk involved. I do hope you've found this Perfect MCT Oil review helpful and I look forward to hearing your experiences with Perfect MCTs soon.


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Have you tried Perfect MCT Oil? I'd love to hear your experiences. Got a question? Fire away! Liked this review? Do share the love with your natural health inclined chums.

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  • Steven says:

    Hey Lace,

    I have been using MCT Oils for awhile and gladly have not experienced any of the cons that you mentioned in your post. PHEW! I love using this product and will be trying the one you mentioned in your article. I think more people can benefit from MCT Oil and will be sharing this with all my friends.

    • Lace says:

      Hi Steve,

      It’s great to hear you’ve had a smooth experience with MCT Oil and no side effects. I am hoping I’m in the minority but since lowering my dose, I tolerate it fine. What dose are you taking?

      I’d love some feedback on Perfect MCT Oil when you try it. Absolutely, share the MCT love with your friends. Everyone could use some extra fatty acids in their life!

  • Tammy says:

    This a great review Lace. I appreciate you sharing the cons of MCT oil. I’ve had the same experience with too much coconut oil. I’ve learned to dial it back and not take so much at once. The mental boost and clarity is great! I’ll have to try this oil for cooking. Thank you for the write up. ?

    • Lace says:

      Hey Tammy, awesome to hear from ya. You had similar side effects with too much coconut oil? That’s interesting. I agree scaling it back is the way forward. Less is more sometimes eh. Let me know how you enjoy cooking with MCT Oil!

      All the best

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