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essential oils for sleeping

How to use Essential Oils for Sleeping & Create the Perfect Bedtime Ritual

Are you keen to try using essential oils for sleeping more soundly at night? Do you want to know which essential oils promote sleep and how to incorporate them into your nightly routine?  It's true that these powerful plant extracts can promote relaxation and quality sleep but there are a few things you need to know before buying and using essential oils  if you want to get the most for your dollar.

In this post you'll discover the #1 mistake people make when buying and using essential oils and how to avoid it. We'll look at 7 sleep promoting essential oils and how to effectively use essential oils as part of your bedtime ritual so you can reap their fantastic benefits. 

So if you're ready to make over your bedtime ritual and learn how to integrate essential oils into your night time routine, lets get to it.  You're in the right place. Come and let me show you how to use plant aromatics to prepare for beautifully sound sleep.


Are you Using Essential Oils all Wrong?! 

essential oils for sleeping

Getting the full benefit of aromatherapy is dependent on two things:

  • The Quality
  • How you Use Them

There are a ton of essential oils (I will sometime refer to them as EO's for short!) on the market and all are most certainly not equal. With labels like "100% natural" or "Pure" one may assume that this must mean the product is good, right? Wrong!

Look a little deeper and you'll see these labels don't actually hold much weight at all. In fact they don't mean anything because there's no standard definition of what natural or pure etc  labels mean. Cripes! There are many oils out there that are diluted and of substandard quality and a discerning approach is necessary to avoid this trap.  The question is: how can I avoid wasting my money on diluted inferior tat?  Here's a few things to look for in essential oils before buying.

Firstly, steer clear of anything labelled fragrance oil, scented oil or massage oil - these are not essential oils and likely contain artificial fragrance - yuck - and are not a therapeutic grade. 

Next is cost. Quality essential oils should not be cheap and if they are be weary.  It takes A LOT of plant to make a little oil and some are easier to extract than others. Example, 30ml of rose essential oil requires 250 pounds of rose petals! That's a hell of a lot of plant for a little oil. As such, Rose Absolute and Rose Otto EO's are damn expensive as one would expect.

The good news is you'll only use a few drops at a time so the oils will last a LONG time, which balances out the initial investment. Don't waste your money on inferior oils, they will not serve you well. However, this does not mean all super expensive oil are great either. 

ethical essential oils

Ethically Sourced Essential Oils from Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

When choosing which company to purchase EO's from look to buy look those who's products are ethically sourced, organic, unsprayed and non-GMO. Companies that run sustainability or economic initiatives are a good sign because are actively looking after their growers and the sources from which the oils come. Yay! I recommend this brand - these EO's are ethically sourced and honestly labelled from sustainable sources and tick all the right boxes. Ace! That's buying essential oils taken care of. Now, what about using them? Let me tell you what NOT to do.

How NOT to Use Essential Oils

The biggest problem with essential oils is how folks are using them. Incorrect use means you won't get the best, or even anything beneficial out of them. So what is the #1 MISTAKE folks are making when using EO's? 

Oil Burners.

Yes, those pretty little things that you stick a tealight underneath then boil essential oils to death. Flames are the quickest way to completely DESTROY the properties of your essential oils and render them chuffing useless! It's totally redundant to buy beautiful quality oils and then burn them to death over a candle. PLEASE DON'T do this, I implore you. I know burners look pretty but please, for the sake of your EO's -back away from the burner! Fear not, by the time your done reading you'll know the BEST ways to use essential oils to reap their benefits.


  • Look for essential oils from sustainable, ethical, unsprayed, organic sources
  • Don't be tempted with cheapo EO's - they are diluted and inferior 
  • I use and recommend this brand of essential which ticks the YES boxes! 
  • Oil burners are the #1 MISTAKE folks make when using essential oils
  • DO NOT use an oil burner or extreme heat with essential oils

7 Essential Oils to Promote Better Sleep

essential oils for sleeping

Some of my EO Stash!

As you may know, essential oils have different properties. Some oils are uplifting, while others are calming, so which EO's are used for aiding sleep?  Here's 7 essential oils known for their calming, sleep promoting properties (links are to my Neal's Yard Remedies Organic shop where you can order for delivery to your door):

  • Lavender - A popular essential oil, lavender is renowned for reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation and sleep.  
  • Chamomile Blue - Calming for the mind and healing to the skin, Chamomile promotes a sense of relaxation to aid better sleep 

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  • Neroli - A super important essential oil when it comes to helping emotional problems including, anxiety, depression, shock, nerves and stress. By addressing these you can greatly improve your sleep. Neroli promotes relaxation for better slumber.
  • Sandalwood - An indulgent, deeply restful oil with a woody calming aroma for promoting sound sleep. It's also balancing for hormones. N.B Some people find sandalwood actually makes them more alert, if this is you don't use it for sleep
  • Sweet Marjoram - Warming and relaxing this EO is ideal for easing muscle aches and pains, including period related pain and used to relax and combat insomnia. N.B Not to be used in late pregnancy. 
  • Ylang-Ylang - has sedative effects and anti-depressant properties as well as being an aphrodisiac... quite an incredible oil for promoting romance and helping to knock you out afterwards! I absolutely love the sensual smell of ylang-ylang.
  • Yarrow - Reduces feelings of stress and promotes a sense relaxation and calm. N.B Avoid Yarrow in pregnancy.  

Now you have an idea of which essential oils promote sleep, how do you use them to get the best benefit? That's what we'll discuss next.

How To Use Essential Oils to Promote Sound Sleep

diffuse essential-oils-for-sleeping

My new Esta Diffuser... Love it! 

Since we've have established that oil burners are NOT the way forward and  have since vowed never to use heat on our precious essential oils, how exactly should we use them to aid sleep specifically? One of my absolute favourite ways to use EO's for sleep is to to diffuse them

By putting a little water and a few drops of your chosen essential oil(s) into the water chamber of the diffuser, the scent is gently misted into the room. There is NO heat involved, instead Ultrasonic diffusers use frequency and water and emits a vapour around the room. The very nature of a diffuser makes them a great non-toxic alternative to air fresheners and associated products. Find out why I don't dig air fresheners in this post and why you should ditch them too. 

Not familiar with diffusers? Find out why you should absolutely have one in this post!

These neat little devices often have built-in light(s) and their soft glow makes for the perfect night light, ideal for creating that "sleep ready" atmosphere in your bedroom. The Lumie Bodyclock is particular clever because it uses light to recreate sunset and sunrise to encourage gentle drifting off and waking. It's English design is based on scientific research and is even supplied to the NHS! If you like the sound of that check out the Lumie Bodyclock for full details in my Neal's Yard Remedies Organic shop. Using a diffuser is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of essential oils via inhalation and is especially useful for aiding sleep. So much so that I have one in every bedroom!


  • Diffusing my favourite way to use essential oils for promoting sleep
  • Ultrasonic diffusers use NO heat but frequency
  • Create a gentle beautifully scented mist
  • Only add water
  • Make perfect night lights and set the scene for restful sleep
new maya diffuser sleep aid

Just one of the beautiful diffusers in the NYRO collection!

How to Use Essential Oils at Bedtime

woman bathing in essential oils

Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Diffsuing isn't the only way to use essential oils for sleeping more soundly, although I highly recommend it. Next, I'll walk you through ways to incorporate EO's into your nightly routine and introduce you some beautiful products from Neal's Yard Remedies Organic to help you create the perfect bedtime ritual for sound sleep.

Bath and Body

When it comes to creating the that restful, relaxed feeling there's nothing quite like bathing with indulgent essential oils by candlelight. Bathing with shower gels and bath oils infused with sleepy essential oils like lavender and ylang-ylang is a luxurious way to wind down for the evening in preparation for rest. Before you dress massage your skin with a deeply nourishing EO infused body butter. You can make body butter at home (recipe coming soon!) but I have to tell ya, Beauty Sleep Body Butter is an indulgent bedtime treat.  

Infused with patchouli and ylang-ylang on a cocoa and shea base for deep moisture, Beauty Sleep Body Butter has a restful scent, perfect for massaging into the skin at before bed. For a super quick DIY lighter version of this cream just add your chosen EO's to a base, like this Create Your Own Organic Lotion Base, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Simply combine oils with the base and enjoy! 

Roll on 

By diluting your chosen essential oil in a carrier oil such as sweet almond and popping it in a small roller bottle and roll directly onto the temples and/or wrists and inhale deeply. Remedies to Roll, are perfectly blended essential oils in handy travel size allowing you to take it anywhere. When it comes to sleep, I recommend one of these:

  • Relaxation  - This blend includes Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium to help you unwind and relax, setting the scene for sound sleep.
  • Night Time - A blend of Neroli, Rose and Chamomile to promote calm and help you prepare for a restful night's slumber.

Goodnight Pillow Mist

Just before you climb into bed spray a fine mist of your chosen oils around your bedroom and lightly onto your pillow and breath deeply. This can help you to relax , encouraging a peaceful night's sleep. For this scenario try Goodnight Pillow Mist, blended with organic lavender, mandarin and vetiver it's restful and relaxing. So much so that a whopping 81% of trial participants reporting Goodnight Pillow Mist helped them to feel calm and relaxed and 74% felt it aided a peaceful night's sleep, see all the stats here

create your own organic personal care

Create Your Own Sleep Essentials with NYRO Organic Bases


  • Try roll on essential oils like remedies to roll as part of your bedtime ritual 
  • Spray your room and pillow with good night pillow mist with calming lavender 
  • Bathe with sleep promoting essential oil infused bath oils, body washes
  • Follow up with lotions or body butter blended with restful EOs

Essential Oils Help You Sleep Better

Using essential oils for sleeping are an excellent way to create that sleepy atmosphere and promote restful sleep, naturally. The catch is to use high quality oils and not fall into the trap of oil burners. Calming aromas of essential oils like neroli, ylang-ylang and lavender help to melt away feelings of stress, tension or anxiety and create a sense of relaxation and calm. And when you are relaxed you are well on your way to a restorative nights sleep. 

Inhalation is extremely effective when it comes to using essential oils for sleep and diffusing is a gentle way to inhale these beautifully calming vapours. It's certainly my favourite way to use EOs for sleep and the soft lighting makes a gorgeous night light. I highly recommended giving a diffuser space in your sleep sanctuary. Just switch that baby on and begin your nighttime routine and let the diffuser do the rest.

For those who enjoy a sleep ritual or are keen to create one then adding essential oils into your bath time routine is a must. If you struggle to relax and get off to sleep then a bedtime ritual could help you change this. Soak in relaxing essential oil infused bath oils/ body washes followed up by a rich body butter with sleepy EO's is the ultimate bedtime preparation to help you relax and wind down. Or simply spritz your pillow with lavender pillow mist, snuggle down into your covers and enjoy a deeply restful and peaceful night's sleep. Need a little more help to drift off? Try one of these natural sleep aids that don't cost a penny to help you further relax and calm the mind. 

Sweetest of dreams, 


Shop Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

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What's your favorite essential oil for relaxation and rest? How do you use yours? I love to hear from you, just comment below 🙂

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