How To DIY Cleaning Products – 3 No Nonsense Home Cleaning Recipes

By Lace / June 7, 2018

Because I clean my home without harsh chemicals, quite often I’m asked ‘how to DIY cleaning products’ and if it’s easy. If you are anything like me, you are busy living life and you don’t want to spend time on lengthy cleaning solutions. I certainly don’t, life is complicated enough without adding time to boring chores! We’ve been cleaning our home without chemicals for some years now and it’s played a role in how we healed my husband’s skin condition. The recipes I use are very straightforward and don’t require a ton of ingredients, making them easy on the pocket and simple to execute. I reckon our home is pretty clean as far as a family of 4 with a curious toddler goes and we haven’t used regular cleaning products for years. But what could be the possible benefits to giving up household chemicals? For a start it’ll reduce toxic exposure, less poison has got to be better. Since we switched my husband’s skin condition has cleared up, if you haven’t already check out how we healed his  Rubra Pilaris (PRP) with a holistic approach, switching out household chemicals was part of this process. If you’ve got sensitive or problematic skin, respiratory problems or hormone imbalance you could benefit from ditching chemical products. Switching doesn’t need to be hard or expensive either. Whatever your reason for making the switch, I’m here to walk you through my essential DIY cleaning supplies with three super simple homemade products to get you started.

How to DIY Cleaning Products – 3 Essential Supplies

Sure, there’s a ton of ‘natural’ cleaning products on the market but it really does pay to make your own if how-to-diy-cleaning-products-bicarbyou can. Not only will you save money in the long run, you’ll know exactly what is in your products, so no nasty surprises. If you don’t already have these 3 ingredients in stock, fear not. Bulk buying these 3 supplies is economical and they are readily available on the to purchase online. Here’s my magic list of 3:

  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Essential oils (EO’s)

Using Essential Oils for Home Cleaning

Call me bias because I’m a Neals Yard Remedies Independent Consultant but I use Neals Yard essential oils in my recipes but you can use what you have to hand. Ideally, you want to be using non-GMO quality oils so when you need to replenish you essential oils it’s worth investing in quality to get the best from your cleaning products. I choose EO.’s for cleaning based on their properties and smell, among my favourites are:

  • Lemon – citrus fresh smell, cuts essential oils for natural cleaning through grease, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral
  • Lime – smells divine, antibacterial, cuts through grease
  • Tea Tree – antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial
  • Lavender – Fresh scent, generally anti-everything and gentle

Essential oils (EO’s) are powerful and not always suitable for all eg pregnant women, pets etc. Always research essential oils and check out possible contraindications before you get stuck in. With the supplies checked, let’s move on to the cleaning recipes!


#1 Easy Antibacterial Surface Cleaner


  • Empty spray bottle
  • Filtered water (We filter through our Berkey water filter system, find out why I love it here)
  • 5-8 drops essential oils of choice


  • Fill the bottle with filtered water and add EOs
  • Replace nozzle securely and shake gently to combine
  • Use as required and store in cool dark place

A little advice with this spray – make it in small batches. It goes pretty mank if left for long periods. I like this spray because it’s absolutely no effort to recreate in an instant. It’s perfect for our busy lifestyle and no-nonsense approach to non-toxic home cleaning.


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#2 Fizzy Toilet Cleaner

There’s something quite satisfying about the fizzing sound this recipe creates. It literally eats the limescale from the toilet bowl but unlike bleach, it won’t burn the skin but bicarb can be a mild irritant – it’s alkaline after all. Even the children will enjoy this chore because it makes something similar to homemade volcanoes! Who knew loo cleaning could be so entertaining?!


  • 2 cups Bicarbonate of sodahow to diy cleaning products
  • 2 cups White Vinegar


  • Pour one cup of white vinegar into the toilet making sure it hits the sides as you pour.
  • Leave it to sit for 15-30mins. No using the loo of flushing in this time!
  • Shake in the bicarbonate of soda and watch the fizz!
  • Add the second cup of white vinegar, enjoy more fizz and leave to do its thing for an as long as possible. Overnight is great but even 30 minutes will do. If the loo is really mank do overnight if you can.
  • Return to the loo and scrub with the loo brush and flush.
  • The toilet is clean! Repeat as required.

We use this method and even have a 5L bottle of white vinegar next to toilet where the bleach used to live. Our 25kg bucket of bicarb lives in the pantry. No need to keep harmful bleach in the house at all.

#3 No Crap Shake and Vac

This little recipe is really simple, cheap to make and free of nasties. Perfect for carpets and helping to draw out unpleasant smells in the carpet.


  • 4 cups bicarbonate of soda
  • 4 – 8 drops essential oil optional (don’t use tea tree if you have cats, it’s toxic. Always research essential oils before using around children and pets)
  • Bowl
  • Funnel
  • Large jar with drilled holes in the lid or old shake and vac bottle

Methodhomemade shake and vac

  • Combine bicarbonate of soda and essential oils
  • Funnel into the jar or bottle and seal
  • Shake onto the carpets and leave for at least 5 minutes
  • Vacuum as usual
  • Carpets are fresh and clean
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DIY Cleaning Products – Simple Yet Effective

And that’s how to DIY cleaning products easily at home, no faffing just clean surroundings. Stock up on the essential 3 ingredients and you’ll be making cleaning solutions in no time. Remember, it’s worth buying in bulk to get the most out of your cash. I love the simplicity of these DIY cleaning products because I simply don’t have time for mixing tons of ingredients on a regular basis. Keep it simple with these methods you’ll ease yourself into a less toxic lifestyle without breaking the bank or your brain. Switching to a non-toxic lifestyle shouldn’t be a ballache and we all deserve to be healthy and happy. Ditching the bleach for bicarb means even the kiddos can get stuck in with chores. They’ll learn life skills, how to clean effectively without harsh, wildlife harming chemical concoctions. Go ahead and get stuck in, enjoy the ride to a chemical free life.

Yours in squeaky cleanliness,



Are you making the switch to natural cleaning products? What are your favourite DIY cleaning recipes? Holla below and let me know!


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  • Tammy says:

    Hello Lace, thank you for these great DIY cleaning tips! I’m going to try the Fizzy Toilet Cleaner. I’m guilty of using the bad chemicals so your ideas will really help me to get away from them. I need to Switch to a non-toxic lifestyle for me, my grand kids and dogs. Having a great time learning from your blog!

    • Lace says:

      Hey Tammy, thanks for getting in touch. You’re most welcome, it’s a pleasure to help you and your family. We really like the fizzy toilet cleaner, the kids enjoy the ‘volcano’ it creates. Let me know how you get on!

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