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Cannabis Oil UK:
 What Your Doctor Won't Tell You

The UK government has just announced that medical cannabis will be available on prescription from November 1st 2018. But what does this all mean? Does that make the much coveted medicine cannabis oil legal in the UK? We look at the strings that come attached to this monumental move for cannabis and why medical cannabis may not be all that it seems.  So, before rushing down to the docs for a cannabis 'script here are some things you should know. If informed decision making is your thing then read on to find out what healthcare professionals probably won't tell you.


Cannabis for Medical Use Approved in UK - Awesome... Right?


Medical cannabis is set to be available on prescription in the UK as of next month. Home Secretary Savid Javid, announced that medical cannabis products (i.e. with excess of 0.2% of psychoactive component THC) will be available to patients within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from November 1st 2018. 

It comes after two high profile cases of two epileptic boys, Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingly, who were denied access to cannabis oil despite their parents success in controlling the boys seizures with it. 

Yay, right? Well... Sort of. 

Yay, because the government and media can no longer ignore that fact that cannabis is being used to heal disease (and has been for thousands of years prior to government prohibition, mind you). People from all over the world are sharing stories about how cannabis has helped them to control, combat and even reverse all kinds of conditions including epileptic seizures and various types of cancers.  It is fantastic that finally cannabis is regaining it's rightful rep as a medicinal plant after years of being slated. And wrongfully being labelled as dangerous with no medical value.

It's about time the truth about cannabis came out to the masses, so for this reason, changes like these and the subsequent mass media reports raises cannabis awareness. That is a YAY.

However, while many may hail this "advance" in medicine it's not. Treating epilepsy and tumours with cannabis is not new. It goes back. Waaaaaay back. Back into time...


  • November 1st 2018: Medical Cannabis Available on Prescription in the UK
  • Has been used to control seizures in epileptic children
  • Monumental moment as cannabis regains it's true reputation a sacred an healing plant
  • Cannabis as medicine has ancient history

Big Pharma's New Cash Cow has Ancient Roots!

medical cannabis making money

Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows as "weed"!

For thousands of years cannabis has been used as medicine by almost every civilisation on earth. Once upon a time cannabis was in the both British and American pharmacopoeia. Yep, from 1850 cannabis was in the old skool equivalents of the British National Formulary (BNF). For those who don't know, the BNF is the official book of medicinal drugs with their suggested usage, effects and contraindications. Cannabis was included in such a book until it's removal in 1942 in the US and 1971 in the UK. Then just like that, cannabis was then reclassified as a Scheduled 1 drug, in both countries. For the UK, cannabis was proclaimed to be of no medicinal value and unsafe, even under medical supervision and wiped from the UK pharmacopoeia in 1972.

Fast forward 46 years and we are now going full circle with cannabis returning to the mainstream medicine. Oh, so cannabis does have medicinal value.Perhaps, it's time to revise that Schedule 1 Drug business  Interestingly, this change in policy appears to coincide with big pharma having monopolised the medical cannabis industry having patented their cannabis products and gained exclusive "rights" to supply them. 

And that my friends, is where the Nay of the issue comes in... Medical cannabis is pharma's new cash cow, and the legal drug dealers are set to make billions but their patented products comes with strings attached.


  • Cannabis has been used for thousands of years as medicine
  • It was in the American and British pharmacopoeia around 100 years
  • Then reclassified as dangerous and of no medicinal value
  • Patented strains are likely why we are seeing cannabis make a come back in mainstream medicine
  • Big pharma are set to make billions from cannabis products

The Nay: 
Big Pharma Cannabis GMO?

pharma modified cannabis

Look out for your friendly drugs rep who will bring you lunch while pushing their latest meds.

Meet GW Pharmaceuticals, the biggest growers and producers of medical cannabis. Grown right here in the UK with facilities in the US also, GW are the pharmaceutical company heading up medical cannabis with their products Sativex and Epidiolex. For MS and Epilepsy respectively, GW also specialise in cancer pain, they boast;

"GW successfully developed the world’s first prescription medicine derived from the cannabis plant" 

Um, cannabis is already medicine, it didn't need developing/creating/tampering with unless of course you are genetically modifying it in some way (making it unnatural) in order to patent it...

And GWs cannabis products are patented. Their cannabis crops genes are manipulated in order to control the cannabinoid composition of their plants, GW say so themselves right here.  The medical cannabis being  bought to mainstream medicine is UNNATURAL.

If alarm bells aren't ringing then it's time to start researching and informing yourself because you NEED to know what's up. Nature cannot be patented, nature does not make good profitable business. In order to own patent an invention it must have been made by someone and by GWs own admission they manipulate their crops to control the cannabinoid content within them. Biotech is the only way to patent and own a plant, is be making a fake version of it that's been tampered with. And who better to help them than Bayer and GMO Giant Monsanto?

Oh yes, GWs products are marketed by pharmaceutical company Bayer. Bayer, who just happen to be involved with genetically modify crops and are in partnership with the creators the carcinogenic pesticide Round Up, Monsanto! Join the dots and not only does the money trail become clear but so does the darker side of all this.

When your cannabis supplier has intimate connections the likes of Bayer, Monsanto and genetically modified organisms, it is time to run a mile. Several hundred miles actually. Mother nature created the cannabis plant perfectly so anything that's been modified by man will never be as good as the real thing in all it's natural glory. And what will the effects of these new medicines be? Perhaps this paves the way to demonise cannabis all over again in years to come, when the studies show that patented stuff has caused x, y and z  problems? Who knows but one thing is for sure, time will tell. It always does. 

Whichever way you slice it the double standard of "we" can grow it, sell, possess it but "you" can't still remains. Unless you live in Canada, The Netherlands or parts of the US. Canada legalised cannabis just recently on 17th October 2018! 


  • GW Pharmaceuticals are behind medical cannabis products Sativex and Eplidolex 
  • Marketed by Bayer who are involved with Monsanto and Genetically Modified Crops
  • GW Products are Patented and their crops manipulated to control their cannabinoid content 
  • What will the effects of manipulated cannabis be on health?

Does this mean Cannabis is Legal in the UK? 


Unlike Canada, where recreational use has just been legalised, cannabis will be legal in the UK for medicinal use only. And here's the catch -  ONLY cannabis supplied from the big pharma supply chain via prescription will be legal. This is not a free market my friends, this one is reserved for the legal drug dealers and big pharma only. So, if you were thinking you would soon be "allowed" to bowl out and buy cannabis oil, bud, vape or space cakes or have a bash at growing your own, the government answer is; "No".

Government policy is basically dictating that may not use natural cannabis that you have grown or procured yourself from organic, non manipulated, non big pharma sources. And if you do, you could find yourself arrested and thrown in a cage.

Presently, the basic cost to the NHS for Sativex is £375 for three 10ml bottles. With this price tag and when pharma are they only ones "allowed" to supply such drugs they are set to make an absolute mint. Jammy feckers eh?!

In a nutshell, the only cannabis we mere mortals will be "allowed" to use is patented, modified, cannabis-like products from pharma. And no, we do not get any say in how these products are cultivated, modified or manufactured either. 


  • Cannabis only legal in UK from big pharma patented supply via prescription
  • By definition, cannabis that is patented cannot be natural 
  • Will remain illegal to grow, process or sell your own etc
  • We get no say in how medical cannabis is cultivated/manufactured
  • Big pharma set to make a pretty penny from their exclusive market

Final Thoughts

A mega porky pie is being expelled after almost 50 years with the rise of medical cannabis. With stories of how cannabis is helping people around the world heal all manner of ailments growing in number, the government had to address it eventually. And now they have.

But what many people may not realise is that pharmaceutical companies have been busy creating and patenting cannabis products for a while. And now these patented products are ready and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer - who has close ties with GMO pesticide giant Monsanto - are at the forefront of rolling them out. Manipulated, patented cannabis is not the stuff the world has been sharing stories of healing about. They are/were using the natural cannabis that Gaia gave us, not some laboratory experiment.

So, while it's satisfying to see government retract their nonsense regarding cannabis -in a round about sort of way - it comes with conditions. Access to cannabis will only be legal if supplied in big pharma modified patented form. The moral of the story is, in the words of a friend: Cannabis is legal but only if your lining the right pockets.

And who knows what the long term effects these cannabis-like products will have on health? Only time will tell. There's no denying that cannabis is medicine and as a naturally occurring plant, we have the right to cultivate and use what mother nature gave us and be free to pay whomever we wish in exchange for such medicine, don't you think? 

Yours in mother nature's goodness, 


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What's your take on medical cannabis in the UK?  Should pharma to control supply? Have you a story to share about medical cannabis?  Holla in the comments and if you liked this article share it with a friend!


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  • Hey Lace!

    Great post! Phew! There is a lot going on in the UK! The election are in two weeks here in the states and Cannabis is on the ballots everywhere. Medical use is always the first step to recreational. The disturbing to me is that the UK government is allowing big pharma to have such a say in who, when and where cannabis can be used! Sick! I will be following this story close.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Lace says:

      Hey Steve,

      Yup, it’s all go here. I’d think with cannabis laws changing in parts of the US that more would follow after these elections?

      I’m all for recreational use and using this sacred plant freely, on our own terms.

      Cheers for your comments, I shall keep you updated!

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