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​How to Boost The Immune System Naturally

​Sick of feeling rough, being quick to pick up bugs or looking for easy ways to avoid the latest coots going around... Covid-19 anyone? Perhaps you want to learn how to boost your immune system naturally to ward off sickness and avoid getting sick all together? Well, you've come to the right place! 

It may surprise you to learn that boosting your immune system naturally isn't just about what you eat, or don't eat although diet IS key. A healthy immune system is created through a healthy mind, body and spirit. After reading this post you'll have a solid understanding of easy steps you can take to boost your immune system naturally and help yourself stay well all year round, no matter what is going round.

​Look After Your Body Through Diet

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​Diet. How does yours look? Is it filled with organic vegetables, fruit, grass fed meat and whole foods? Vegans and veggies, I do not expect you to say yes to the grass fed meat, of course 🙂 Regardless of what diet you choose to eat (that is a personal choice which I ain't gonna debate) a healthy immune system needs a diet of nutrient dense foods in order to function optimally.  An immune system boosting diet is be made up of quality food and should pay special attention nourishing to your gut health. Gut healthy foods should be consumed regularly, ideally daily and include unpasteurized dairy and fermented foods which are brimming with good gut bacteria and quality bone broths. 

​Chow down on a selection of these delicious, immune system boosting foods, choose whatever suits your dietary needs:

  • Organic Fruit and Vegetables, local and homegrown are great!
  • Plenty of Lemon, Limes, Citrus, Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric
  • Grass Fed, Pastured, Organic Meat and Poultry - I use Pipers Farm get £10 off your first order via this link
  • ​Grass Fed, Pastured, Unpasteurized Dairy
  • Fermented Foods like Sour Kraut, Kimchi, Kefir and Kombucha
  • Wholefoods
  • Bone Broth from grass fed organic bones - check out this lush ready made one if ease is what you need 🙂
  • Healthy fats and oils - coconut, avocado and MCT Oil (try this one!)
  • Spring Water, Purified Water

​What Should I Avoid?

  • ​Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Processed Foods
  • Low fat foods (often filled with artificial sweeteners and yucky things)
  • ​Acidic Foods/Drinks like sweets and fizzy drinks
  • Alcohol

A strong immune system resists sickness and therefore goes a long way to minimize, even avoid the need for medications and NHS resources? One must ask why the public, especially during a pandemic, are not being encouraged by "experts" to adapt their diet and use food to build a strong, healthy immune system..? Or why hospitals churn out such crappy food for their patients and the halls are littered with vending machines filled with rubbish "snacks" and unhealthy beverages? Don't they want us to be healthy and well? After all, isn't that what all this "stay home" business is supposed to be about? But, I digress. In any case, eating a good quality to achieve optimum physical health just seems like a no-brainer to me. 


  • ​Healthy, quality food boosts the immune system for optimal health
  • ​Fresh, whole and fermented foods boost gut health and resist disease
  • Avoiding processed, refined sugar and artificially sweetened foods go a long way towards better health

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​A Healthy Mind Wards Off Dis-ease

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​Did you know that stress weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to dis-ease? Oh yes, feeling stressed out, anxious, fearful and all other negative emotions wreak havoc on your natural defenses, opening you up to dis-ease and sickness. While it's unlikely we  can feel great all of the time, it  is vital to keep your stress levels down and your spirits up most of the time. I know, this is quite often easier said than done, especially in the current climate with huge fear of a declared pandemic, high pressured jobs - or the lack of a job depending on how Covid-19 has impacted you personally - and modern life in general. 

​What can I do to nourish my mind, reduce stress & boost my immune system? 

Well, relax. Make time for self care, hobbies you find therapeutic, regular exercise of your choice. If you hate running, don't run, try some Tai Chi or yoga instead. Just make sure your chosen exercise enjoyable because, if it's a chore that kinda defeats the purpose. 

​We synthesize Vitamin D, nature's "happy pill" from sunlight and most of us are deficient - boo! So, when the sun shines (pretty rare in England and probably explaining hence the widespread deficiency) get out in nature and top up that vitamin D, even if the best you can do is sit out on the balcony or in the yard. And ​while you're at it get your bare feet on the earth, soak up the earths electrons, it works absolute wonders for the mind and body when practiced regularly. 

​Laugh lots. Laughter is the best  medicine after all and practice the attitude of gratitude. Yep, find that silver lining baby because trust me, there is one in every situation and the more often you can see it the easier life becomes. And smile. When we do these things regularly, we feel happier and when we feel good our immune system feels great too. So fine what feels good and keep doing it (as long as you are doing no harm, of course!)


  • Relax and enjoy hobbies
  • Make time for self care
  • ​Get regular sunshine for vitamin D
  • ​Take regular exercise
  • Earth yourself often
  • ​Adopt the attitude of gratitude
  • ​Laugh lots
  • Keep smiling

Are You ​Ready to Level Up Naturally?

Whether you are adding to your line of defenses to ward off pandemic viruses or exploring natural ways of boosting your immune system, diet and mindset are key.  Check out my natural immune system hacks with garlic here. The beauty of this is that you are in complete control of what you feed both your body and mind with. Nourish yourself with quality food and positivity and you'll  greatly improve your natural ability to ward off and fight dis-ease. You have totally got this!


​Did you find this post inspiring or helpful? Drop me a comment and let me know what you do to keep a healthy mind and body. What is your favorite way to boost your immune system naturally?

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