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6 Natural Sleep Aids That Don't Cost A Penny!

Wanna know the secrets to a restful nights sleep? Here's 6 awesome natural sleep aids that could change your sleep quality and get you that deeply restful slumber you need to feel refreshed the following day. Even if you have insomnia or a sleep disorder these tips can work wonders and they won't cost you a penny to to try (unless you decided to redecorate your bedroom as part of no.1!). I will even tell you about how the Nazis used knowledge of frequencies and how to use that same knowledge to enhance your sleep! Oooh er! So, if you are ready to learn the secrets to getting great sleep read on and discover 6 awesome natural sleep aids for deeply relaxed, restorative sleep - even of you have insomnia! Lets do this!


The Problem with Sleep Meds

Everyone who has ever struggled to sleep knows that tossing and turning at night and lack of sleep can cause havoc the next day. Your tolerance for annoyances and stress wear thin and it's easy to to lose your usual cucumber like cool and snap. The knock on effect is you are less productive and it can make your day suck as a result. Sleep disorders and insomnia can be deliberating having a seriously negative impact on your every day life, making it almost impossible at times. Doctors will wield their prescription pads handing out sleep medication and yes, it will make you sleep. It will knock you the f**k out - to begin with at least. Over time they become less effective and you need more and more to get to sleep. That's not healthy, that's addiction and you become a loyal customer of big pharma.  Why? Because the problem of WHY you are having problems falling and staying asleep remain and the meds are just a means to a temporary end as long as you keep upping that dose! Oh and the side effects usually require another drug too. I know, I was on such drugs once upon a time and dispensed them as a nurse. 

The point is medication can never help you achieve that deep slumber you need and can achieve naturally. Us, humans require restful sleep to recharge our batteries, nourish the brain and repair on a cellular level. It is a prerequisite for our very existence and as such should be respected and encouraged with lifestyle changes that promote it.  The beauty of this all is that there are natural sleep aids that can solve your sleep problems with just a little effort on your part. And they won't cost you penny for try! So lets jump into these 6 free natural sleep aids that have the potential to change your sleep for the better - forever!

1. Create Your Sleep Sanctuary 

bedroom promoting sleep

Is your bedroom set up for a restful night's sleep? Before even considering spending a penny on sleep aids or heading to a specialist you should take a look at your sleeping quarters. It's such an easy thing to overlook but making your bedroom a sanctuary can make all the difference between good sleep and crap sleep.  A bedroom that is cluttered, messy, too hot/cold/bright and full of screens is not conducive to restful sleep but there are simple steps you can take to change this.  Get your bedroom sleep ready by removing screens, including TVs and laptops. Those bright blue lights mess with your melatonin levels (your natural sleep hormones) and removing them from your room takes away the temptation to use them while in bed. Ensure your room is tidy, uncluttered and suitably dark - add blackout blinds if necessary - and keep the temperature cool, around 18-21 degrees centigrade. Your room is a place to relax and have great sex, not be surrounded by chaos, bright lightening or dirty clothes! Yeah, pick em up and put them in the laundry mate! Make your space comfy and cosy and keep lighting to a minimum  this creates a sleep ready atmosphere. For dim lighting  a Himalayan salt lamps give a lovely, soft calming glow until lights out, although they aren't necessary and you don't have to buy one, after all, this post is about natural sleep aids that are free! But I have to admit I have salt lamps in almost every room because I love them and perhaps am a little addicted! When you can truly relax and feel comfy in your bedroom your sleep will benefit as a result.


  • Make your bedroom tidy and comfy
  • Remove all screens
  • Add blackout blinds/curtains
  • Keep it cool!
  • Use dim lighting
  • Make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary!

2. Bedtime Yoga Practice

yoga for better sleep

Yoga continues to gain popularity, especially in the holistic health and wellness circles. Well known for being deeply relaxing and the ability to reduce stress, yoga restores balance of the body and mind. It's an excellent and gentle form of exercise for keeping healthy, supple and happy. But did you know it can also be a fabulous sleep aid, even for insomnia? Yep, yoga promotes sound, restorative sleep so, adding a little yoga practice into your nightly routine could be just the ticket you need to enter the land of nod with ease.

The findings of a 2013 randomised trial on yoga and it's impact on sleep in elderly men and women reported that after 6 months of regular yoga practise there was significant improvements in the participants sleep. There was a marked reduction in time to fall asleep, sleep disturbance during the night and better sleep quality with decreased use of sleep medications when compared with control group.  A 2009 study, that studied  regular yoga practitioners concluded that yoga is associated with better sleep and lower cortisol levels.  But you don't need to be super flexible or a contortionist to get involved in yoga. It's a practice and ANYONE can do it. The key is consistency. My "go to" yoga gal is Adriene form Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, she is an awesome teacher and I find practice with her to be soothing and enjoyable. Her short bedtime yoga routine below is a brilliant starting place for promoting more restful sleep. I hope you like it! Ideally, aim to memorise a bedtime yoga routine so you don't need a screen. Until then do your practice about 1 hour before sleep and then cut the devices for the night. Enjoy!


  • Yoga is deeply relaxing and promotes better sleep
  • Scientific studies back this notion up
  • Awesome for older folks who suffer disturbed sleep
  • Consistency is key
  • Anyone can do it!

3. Listen to 432Hz Music

432hz music for sleep

I love listening to 432hz music at night or anytime I want to relax. Not familiar or no idea what that's all about? Let me explain, 432Hz known as the Solfeggio resonance is known as the sound of nature itself. These low frequency sounds are relaxing and healing to the body and mind. For this reason they are particularly useful for inducing a profound state of deep relaxation, restorative sleep. 432Hz frequencies work on the heart chakra and those who hear it often feel happier and calmer when listening to this frequency, over the now standard 440hz which represents blocked energy and negative emotions. I find it most interesting that all music is now based on this energy blocking frequency when the greatest musically talents of world like Mozart and Verdi based their music on the healing frequencies of 432Hz.

The Nazi Connection and Modern Music

I am not entirely sure that when the American Association of Musicians adopted 440Hz as pitch standard in 1917 - much to Verdi's objections - they had the general populations best interests at heart. It was common knowledge to the "ancients" that 432Hz was the perfect healing pitch in total harmony with the earth. The Greeks and the Egyptians knew it and almost everyone who hears it knows it sounds and feels better than 440hz stuff although they may not understand why. So, why fix what wasn't broken? Did someone know something we don't? Nazi propaganda man Joseph Grobbeles did.

Grobbeles used 440Hz to keep prisoners in certain states of consciousness and he knew how how powerful frequencies can be. He used this knowledge on could be and used on human "subjects" and advocated this frequency in mainstream music. Then, in 1939 440Hz was adopted as international standard although the official record of why and who was behind it is pretty sketchy. The people of old knew what was up and the "powers-that-shouldn't-be" know the power of frequencies and music too. It's about time we informed ourselves too, me thinks. It's time we went back to nature, back to the frequency of the earth and harness that 432Hz frequency for all the healing, relaxation and restorative sleep it brings. Here's some of my favourite 432Hz music from YouTube! Yes, it's 8 hours long, perfect for healing frequencies all night! Ideally, play these tunes on a non mobile device and pop it on low volume.


  • The Sound and Frequency of the Earth and Nature is 432Hz
  • Deeply relaxing, healing and calming to listen to
  • Civilisations of Old Knew the Magik of 432Hz
  • Frequency of Modern Music is 440Hz
  • 440Hz is known to Block Energy and Emotions
  • Choose 432Hz to Promote Restful, Deep Sleep

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4. Meditation

meditation as a sleep aid

Meditation is a seriously effective solution for anyone and everyone looking to take a natural approach to getting a deep, restful slumber and to wake recharged and refreshed. Before you think, "I can't do it" and skip this section take a moment and change your mindset to this: Yes, I can! Anyone can.

Meditation focuses on breathing and awareness and is a mind calming practice. Perfect for worriers and those who have racing thoughts because it causes you to focus on the present rather than leave tomorrow's worries that haven't even materialised yet. It keeps you in the present, the now - which happens to be all there is and all you ever have funnily enough.

Researchers who published their 2015 study in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal found meditation is a powerful tool for improving sleep. It works because it stimulates the brain producing alpha, theta and delta waves that promote deep relaxation and sound sleep. Simultaneously, causing a marked reduction in waking, attention provoking beta waves. What's more is meditation activates the pineal gland - your third eye - increasing melatonin production (the natural sleep hormone that regulates sleep cycles) to promote sleep. This is THE ultimate natural alternative to synthetic melatonin supplements (which should NEVER be used for insomnia by the way!). If you are still calcifying your pineal gland with fluoride in toothpaste and water stop now! And check out my post on how fluoride toothpaste is destroying your health here. 

For beginners a guided meditation is perfect, there are thousands on YouTube so find one you like and get practising. Alternatively, Insight Time is a mediation app for iOS and Android which I have enjoyed using and is FREE! Don't worry if you fall asleep before it's finished, that means it worked! Happens to me all the time and it's great!


  • Focuses on Breathing and Awareness of the Present Moment
  • Mind Calming 
  • Promotes Deep Relaxation and Sound Sleep
  • Powerful Tool for Combating Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Acivates Pineal Gland
  • Increases Melatonin Production
  • ANYONE can do it!

5. Breathing Exercise

breath work for sleep

Simple breathing exercises can be very useful for combating stress, anxiety and insomnia because breathing, influences physiology, thoughts and in turn, mood. By focusing on your breath you can promote the state of relaxation needed for good sleep.  Dr. Andrew Weil who has over 30 years experience in integrative medicine and research uses this school of thought in his popular "4,7,8 Breathing Exercise" aka "The Relaxing Breath" which promotes better sleep. 

The 4,7,8 is based in the ancient Indian practice of pranayama, literally meaning "regulation of breath". This is the same type of breath work seen in yoga and meditation and Dr. Weil describes his breathing exercise as "a natural tranquilliser for the nervous system", no doubt because of it's ability to induce an altered state of consciousness, deep relaxation and physical calm. He recommends to do this exercise twice a day as a daily practice for best results and it can be done just about anywhere. Dr. Weil recommends starting this exercise in a seated position but it can be done lying down or wherever you happen to be when you have a few moments, so there's no reason not to give it a try! As you master this technique you will be able to fall asleep faster - in a s little as 60 seconds apparently - and rest more deeply. Piqued your interest? Check out Dr. Weil in the video below as he walks you through how to get your 4,7,8 and and get practising! 


  • Great for Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Based on Ancient Indian Pranayama Breathing Practices 
  • Induces State of Deep Relaxation and Sleep
  • Promotes Physical Calm
  • Twice Daily Practice gets Best Results 

6. Switch Off!

turn off mobile for better sleep

Last but not least at number 6, we have switching off. As insignificant as it may seem switching off your mobile phone and other devices can help you sleep more soundly. Perhaps it's the reduced number of Electro Magnetic radiation frying the the already frazzle brain at night mixed with the removal of temptation to scroll though CrapBook for the millionth time in one day.  It's well known that  blue light from device screens messes with your circadian cycle -the body's natural body clock regulated by melatonin - and keeps you awake at night, making it difficult to fall asleep. Since I began switching my phone off at night, I find I sleep easier, deeper, it stops my urge to continue researching and writing these amazeballs posts for you! So tonight, bid the online world goodnight and switch your phone off and put it aside and allow your mind to rest easy. This very simple thing can make a huge difference to the sleep you'll get. Go on, try it!


  • Switch off Your Phone and Devices at Night
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Stops Night Time Binge Scrolling/Working etc
  • Allows your Mind to Rest Ready for Sleep

Goodnight, Sleep Tight!

As we've seen getting a good nights sleep doesn't have to cost the earth, there are many natural sleep aids you can use without spending a penny. The only catch is they take effort on your your part but the don't all changes take conscious effort? But hey, you are totally worth it! These simple lifestyle changes have the potential to change your sleep for good and can impact positively other areas of your life too. Perhaps start with one idea so you don't overwhelm yourself and promise yourself to practice your new habit daily, twice a day where necessary or just because it feels good. Remember these natural sleep aids are processes and consistency is what will bring you optimum results. So turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary or sleep cave, start a  bedtime yoga practice, dabble in meditation or breathing exercises, try whichever you feel drawn to and go for it!

By using a natural sleep aid like those discussed here you could reverse your sleep problems and ditch the need for pharmaceutical sleep medications. Oh and don't forget to use the power of frequency to your advantage, get your 432Hz sounds on and pave the way to a deep and restful nights sleep. Say good night to the world, switch off your phone, snuggle down and surrender to deep, restorative, sleep. I hope you have enjoyed this post and that the suggestions herein serve you as well they they do me.

Sweet dreams,

Lace xoxo

​What natural sleep aids have you had success with? How effective have you found natural sleep aids to be?

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  • Tammy says:

    This is great advice, Lace. I’m guilty of being on my iphone late at night before bed. I need to stop this. I’m going to try your breathing exercises and I’m already taking Magnesium Malate. I normally sleep pretty well, but lately I’ve been tossing and turning or just laying there for about 2 hours before falling asleep. Think I just have too much on my mind at the moment…another great post!

    • Lace says:

      Hey Tammy, great to hear from you again, glad you’re enjoying the posts. I feel ya re being on the old phone at night! Switching it off makes such a difference. Great to hear you’re looking after your magnesium needs, that’ll be boosting you sleep.

      The breathing exercises should help you to relax your mind and quell that toss and turning. I’d love to hear how you get on.

  • steven says:

    Hi Lace,

    I consider a good night sleep (at least 7 hours) essential to my overall health. It stresses me out when I don’t get it for ant reason!! These are great tips and advice for anyone not getting the sleep they need for part of having a healthy lifestyle. I was told that supplementing with magnesium can also help with your sleep patterns. Have you heard anything about this?

    • Lace says:

      Hi Steve,

      I love my sleep, 7 hours is perfect! Yes, magnesium can definitely help with better sleep. I wrote about it in my magnesium spray post here Check it out and thanks for your comments.

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