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3 Powerful Home Remedies for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) That Won’t Wipe Out Your Gut Flora

A few days ago I woke up and I could feel a UTI brewing. You know the feeling, that need to 'go' but when you do only a dribble comes out. Ugh. I loathe that feeling and memories of the UTI I had during pregnancy came flooding back. Knowing a urinary tract infection was rearing its ugly head I knew I had to act fast to avoid complications and big pharma antibiotics. Nope, I wasn't feeling the destruction of my gut flora, it was time to employ my home remedies for UTI (urinary tract infection). Besides, I've been working on improving gut health so the thought of undoing my hard work with a doctors prescription really didn't appeal. I consulted my natural medicine cabinet. There are a few home remedies one can use for nipping UTIs in the bud and in this post, I'm going to share 3 powerful home remedies for UTI urinary tract infections that keep your gut flora intact while ridding you of infection. Sound awesome? Then read on!

What is a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?

when uti strikes

Urinary tract infections (UTI) is an infection in any part of the urinary tract (urethra, ureters, bladder and kidneys). Lower urinary tract infections are the most common type of UTI and it's estimated that almost every woman will experience at least one UTI in her lifetime. Geez. Guys, you don't get off easy either, men often experience no symptoms so are completely unaware they even have a water infection. So chappies, ya'll need to be ensuring your working to prevent these otherwise near invisible urine infections. Most often UTIs are caused by E. Coli entering the urethra. 

I'd like to reiterate, I'm not a doctor or medical professional of any description I'm simply sharing with you what has worked for me. Always do your due diligence and consult with your healthcare provider as needed. Now I've got that off my chest let's get to those natural remedies.


  • Generally Caused By E-coil Entering Urethra 
  • It's Estimated That Nearly Every Woman will Experience UTI in her Lifetime
  • Men's UTI Symptoms are Usually Invisible 
  • UTI can Often be Treated  Successfully with Home Remedies

Home Remedies for UTI

1. D-Mannose

D mannose suitable for men and pregnancy

I often suggest D-Mannose for getting rid of UTIs and it is my main 'go to' home remedy. The question I'm often asked is 'what on earth is D-Mannose and where can I buy it?' So, if that was your question also, allow me to explain and all will become clear.

D-Mannose is a simple sugar derived from fruits like apples and cranberries. I know sugar is the last thing you'd want to take with a UTI but despite D Mannose being related to glucose, it does not behave like glucose and is safe for diabetics. It works by sticking to E. COLI so when you go for that much-needed tinkle the E-COLI bacteria washed out with your urine.

In fact, D Mannose is extremely beneficial in preventing and treating urinary tract infections. If you're into peer-reviewed academic stuff check out this 2014 randomized controlled trial which found D Mannose to be an effective preventative for recurrent UTI. Awesome! I used this remedy during my second pregnancy with brilliant results, therefore, avoiding antibiotics. It's also suitable to take daily as a preventative making it especially useful for those who experience recurrent water infections and men who often exhibit no symptoms.

If you fancy trying this wonderful home remedy, I'd encourage you to do so. D mannose is available as powder or capsules, personally, I opt for capsules because I can chuck em down with my other supplements in the mornings. The choice is entirely yours, both are equally effective.


D-Mannose 50 Tablets


  • D-Mannose is a Simple Sugar Occurring Naturally in Fruit
  • Supports Healthy Bladder
  • Research suggests D-Mannose is an Effective Preventative for Recurring UTI  
  • I had Great Results with D-Mannose While Pregnant
  • Must Have for Those with Recurring UTIs
  • Available as Powder and Tablets to suit your preferred method of ingestion

2. Allicin Max

garlic a natural potent antibiotic

Allicin Max is another favourite here and I always keep a stock of it. If you've not heard of this wonder capsule you'll be happy you made its acquaintance. Allicin is what gives garlic its wonderful garlicky aroma and garlic is well-known for its antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, it is potent stuff indeed. Studies recommend garlic as a natural and cost-effective remedy for UTIs. If you're wondering why no one is prescribing bulbs of garlic for urinary tract infections, it's likely because garlic isn't going to make much profit and repeat customers wouldn't be in the abundance they are now.

Garlic is a potent natural antibiotic with the ability to knock out infections fast. Want to know the best part? Garlic doesn't wipe out your gut flora, hooray! Allicin Max comes in small capsules and smells very strongly of garlic, swallow these quickly with water or prepare for serious garlic breath. You'll repel vampires with this stuff all day long! I took Allicin max alongside D-Mannose to combat my UTI when I was pregnant. Within a few days, the infection was gone. My UTI tests came back negative and until now did not recur.


Allicin Max Powder 90 Capsules 


  • Garlic has Anti Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral Properties
  • Research Says Garlic is a Cost Effective Alternative to Antibiotics
  • Allicin is Potent and Very Effective
  • A Staple for the Natural Medicine Cabinet

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

apple cider vinegar

Yep, it's ACV again. This stuff really is versatile and is a must for any natural home. There exist many personal testimonials and the well-known health benefits of apple cider vinegar would indicate its potential power to beat a UTI. ACV kills many types of harmful bacteria and has been used for centuries for disinfecting and cleaning wounds. The anti-fungal properties make it useful for not only pathogens but fungal infections too.

Although, there is not much by the way of scientific studies perhaps this lack of research is because there's limited funding for scientific research on natural medicine. It's not good business is it big pharma? Cures without patents or ownership just aren't good for profit I guess. Anyway, when using ACV for a UTI it's vital to use RAW unprocessed ACV with Mother. Why? Because this AVC has all the good stuff left in and that's what you want. 

Taking ACV for UTI is a simple as mixing a tablespoon of ACV into a glass of water a necking it. If you don't mind the taste of vinegar then this is one to try. It's great for heartburn too, just drink a tablespoon mixed in water. Works every time for my husband.

apple cider vinegar

Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 5L


  • Apple Cider Vinegar has Anti-Bacterial Proprieties 
  • Use Raw and Unprocessed ACV with Mother for Best Results
  • Supports Gut and Bladder Health
  • A Natural Medicine Cabinet "Must Have"

Tips to Prevent and Ease UTI Symptoms

Fermented foods prevent UTIs

Here's some helpful tips for preventing future UTIs and easing the symptoms of any current infection. By making small changes to your diet and lifestyle you can keep UTIs at bay and remain UTI free easily. 

  • Ladies, make sure you're wiping front to back. This keeps bacteria from your butt out of your urethra, greatly reducing the chance of getting UTIs.
  • Drink enough water to keep urine diluted and your bladder walls clean. Increase water intake if you have a UTI
  • Drink cranberry juice, if you can find a brand not loaded with sugar or worse, artificial sweeteners. Or just eat fresh cranberries.
  • Consider taking a daily dose of D Mannose, it's safe for long-term use and can safely be used during pregnancy and nursing. For men, regular D Mannose is a good shout considering they often show no symptoms.
  • Another for the ladies in the house: empty your bladder after sex. I know, sometimes we just wanna roll over and sleep but take the time to pee before you veg out. Your urethra will thank you for it.
  • Make fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir part of your regular diet. It's full of gut loving bacteria and helps keep UTIs at bay.

If you suspect a UTI don't wait, act quickly and implement one or more of the 3 remedies. I like to keep a stock of all three so I'm never caught short. Remember, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

fermented food for bladder health

Biona Organic Kimchi Spicy Fermented Cabbage


  • Small Changes to Diet and Lifestyle can Keep UTI at Bay
  • Wipe Front to Back and Wear Cotton Underwear
  • Eat Fermented Foods Everyday
  • Get Plenty of Water
  • Consider Taking Regular D-Mannose

Goodbye UTI

When UTI strikes nip it in the bud quickly because they can lead to more serious kidney infection. If you are in doubt, are diagnosed with renal problem's consultant your health care provider. Always use your noggin, you alone are responsible for your own health. The suggestions here are merely my opinions based on my own research and personal experience. UTIs can be healed with a natural approach. I opted for these natural approaches over antibiotics because I know the devastation they can cause to the body. Remember, if you do decide to take pharmaceutical antibiotics to re-balance your gut flora with a good probiotic supplement, by eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir or consuming raw unheated grass-fed, free-range dairy. Antibiotics are overused and its time we changed the way we look after ourselves l don't you think? These 3 powerful natural remedies serve as a brilliant starting place for treating common problems like UTIs naturally, at home. I do hope you enjoyed this post and found the content valuable.

Stay blessed and long may you be naturally UTI free,


Have you had a success with any of these natural home remedies for UTI? Which would you use next time the burning strikes? I'd love to hear from you all you have to do is comment below and I will get back to you.

​This blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links may result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). I only recommend products/services I truly believe in and use myself.

​This does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to treat or cure any condition. I am simply sharing my experience/opinion. Seek advise from your healthcare practitioner before using herbs or supplements.

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  • Tammy says:

    Excellent article and advice for UTI’s! I’d never heard of D-Mannose. Sounds great for this. I’m going to have to try it next time I get an infection. I got them a lot more when I was younger… I love ACV. It seems to be a cure-all for a lot of ailments. Thank you for all the great tips and advice. 🙂

    • Lace says:

      My pleasure, Tammy. D-Mannose is great, I swear by it. Definitely worth a go if you do find yourself with a UTI again. Whatever you’re doing to avoid them keep doing it!

  • John says:

    This Article is so informative. Right about now I have not gotten tested to know if I have UTI or not but this article is just an eye opener. We neglect a lot of things, some of this little things kill slowly or let me say hinders a lot of great things in our body. If I get tested and I find any traces, the ACV is the surest way because it is always at my disposal. Thanks

    • Lace says:

      Hey John, I’m pleased you found this article helpful. If you suspect a UTI starting ACV now is a good idea. Even if you don’t have one, ACV is a healthy boost for your body anyway. D-Mannose is a good preventative you could take daily to keep UTI at bay. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

  • penelope says:

    I had heard of cranberry juice as an at-home UTI remedy but it’s nice to know more about the science behind it. And also cool to know that enzyme is available in supplement form, for those who hate cranberry! I am right there with you on the miracle of ACV – that stuff seems to work for just about everything that ails us!

    • Lace says:

      Yep, cranberry is a well known remedy for UTI indeed. The problem I find with it is that most cranberry juices are filled with crap and laden with artificial sweeteners or excess sugar. D mannose is a good compromise.

      All hail ACV, I love it!

  • Steve says:

    Hi Lace!

    What an informative article! We use ACV in our home for just about everything. I really do agree with your take on big pharma in regards to not studying things that they cannot patent. It make me sad that there are so many natural things in the world to make and keep us healthy that we’re not told about. I personally have avoided prescription and over the counter drugs my whole life and feel I am better for it!

    Stay healthy and save money!

    Awesome article!

    • Lace says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by. ACV is wonderful isn’t it? I love the stuff too. What are your favourite uses for ACV?

      It saddens me also that the natural cures all around us are suppressed but that’s why folks like you and I share the knowledge. As a people we must regain the knowledge that big pharma want lost if we’re going to survive.

      It’s awesome you have avoided the Dr’s scripts are are feeling great for it. Long may it continue, my friend.

      All the best,


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